Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience (BAnVetBioSc) - Career Paths

As an Animal and Veterinary Bioscience graduate you will be highly employable across a wide range of industries, in agribusiness, government, research, biomedical science, development, management and teaching. Animal scientists can work with a wide range of animals from production animals, both in Australia and overseas, to domestic animals and wildlife.

Animal scientists have proven to be highly employable across a broad range of disciplines, for example:

  • animal biosecurity and quarantine (eg AQIS);
  • assisted reproductive technologies and IVF (animal and human);
  • intensive and extensive animal production enterprises;
  • regulatory, advisory and policy-making positions;
  • laboratory and field research in the animal sciences (native and exotic wildlife, production and companion animals);
  • veterinary pathology, histology, immunology and diagnostics;
  • overseas aid in animal welfare and production;
  • companion animal, equine and production animal nutrition, feed technology, veterinary and feed supplements;
  • aquaculture and fish health;
  • animal genomics and the genetic basis of disease;
  • molecular biology (animal and human);
  • secondary and tertiary education;
  • animal breeding management;
  • quality assurance and safety of food and feed products;
  • animal health (eg Livestock Health and Pest Authorities);
  • the pharmaceutical industry (human and veterinary);
  • biotechnology (animal and microbial);
  • biomedical research; media and journalism;
  • Government departments including rural extension officers.