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Special Consideration Policy

The Special Consideration policy applies to students who experience serious adverse circumstances that result in absence(s) from class or inability to undertake compulsory, course-related activities. Such circumstances must be fully supported by appropriate documentation.

  • Applications for special consideration and special arrangements are managed by the University’s Student Administration Services (SAS). Visit the Special Consideration website for information on eligibility and how to apply online.
Special Arrangement

Special arrangements can be made if you've had difficulty submitting assessment tasks due to essential community commitments (eg. Essential religious commitments, jury duty, Australian Defence Force commitment etc.) Guidelines (pdf)

Student Absence from Compulsory Classes Policy

An absence from class of less than a week must be covered by completion of a Leave of Absence form and supported by appropriate documentation.
Student Absence from Compulsory Classes Form (pdf)

Where an absence would result in a student failing to meet the attendance requirements for units of study but is perceived by the student as having an educational advantage to them, the student must submit an application to the Faculty for permission to absent themselves from class. The policy is outlined in:
Student Absence from Compulsory Classes Policy (pdf)

Conscientious Objection in Teaching & Assessment

Conscientious Objection in Teaching & Assessment (pdf)

Animal Welfare Policy

Animal Welfare Policy (pdf)

Assessment Policy

2012-Year 5 Assessment Policy (pdf)

Academic Board Policy: Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism

Compliance Statement (doc)

Coursework Rule 2000

University of Sydney (Coursework) Rule 2000 (pdf)

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Student Dress Code

Dress Code

Animal Husbandry

Extramural Animal Husbandry Site Principal Agreement Form (doc)

Animal Husbandry Property/Farm Profile Survey (doc)