Animal Welfare at the Faculty of Veterinary Science

The Faculty of Veterinary Science is proactive in promoting the welfare of animals. It was the first Faculty in Australia to adopt an Animal Welfare Policy, it ceased the killing of animals in classes for teaching in the mid 90s and rigorously adheres to the reduction, replacement and refinement of the use of animals in research and teaching.

The Faculty has an Animal Welfare Advisory Committee that consists of staff from the Faculty and the University, a veterinarian from outside the University and a number of undergraduate students. Its Terms of Reference include developing policy, advising the Faculty and other University bodies on animal welfare and to provide input and advice to organisations and individuals outside of the University.

The Animal Welfare Society is an active student group that meet for regular guest seminars during the year.

Interviews with Margaret Throsby

Prof Paul McGreevy interviewed by Margaret Throsby

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Dr Andrew McLean interviewed by Margaret Throsby

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Dr Bidda Jones - Chief scientist for the RSPCA.