Create the Database

Data in an Access database is stored in various interlinked tables. A database also has forms for data entry (though you could enter data directly in tables), queries for manipulating your data and extracting information, and reports to print/present your information in a logical manner.

Let us start by creating a database. Suppose you want to create a database for your research project for which you need to obtain information about say 10 cows from each of the selected 50 dairy farmers.

We will create two tables - one for storing the farmer information (FARMER table) and the other for the animal information (ANIMAL table), but before that, we will create a database (MyProject) to store these two tables and other database objects.

Create MyProject database

  • Open Access
  • Go to File>New
  • Click on Blank database in the task pane
  • Name your database file (say MyProject) and click the Create button to create the database.