Create a query in Design view

Before we actually create a query from scratch in Design view, open ‘Mastitis and Metritis query’ in Design view (Right click on the query and select Design view).

Notice that it has two tables, FARMER and ANIMAL, and has names of the fields (and the table they belong to) in the bottom window, called the design grid.

Also note that it has three other rows, one to sort the fields, the other to specify whether or not to display a field, and the last to specify some criteria to select the records.

Let us now create this query in Design view from the start:

  • Select Query–>New–>Design view and add both the tables from the Show table dialogue box (Select a table and click Add or double click on the table name) and close the Show table dialogue box.
  • To specify fields, simply double click on them or select them from the Field row. Select whatever fields you want (say the same fields as in the query created using a wizard) and then open the query in a datasheet view to see the records.
  • Name and save the query.

The procedure to create a query using Design view and to extract the desired information is shown in this Video (Query in Design View) (wmv) (62.1MB; 4.07min)

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