filter data

Filter by selection

  • Open the ANIMAL table in datasheet view.
  • Select the value that you want to filter on (say HF breed in the BREED field).
  • Click the Filter by Selection button on the toolbar (or Records–>Filter–>Filter by Selection) to filter all HF cows.
  • Remove filter by clicking the Remove Filter button on the toolbar (or Records–>Remove filter/sort)

Filter by form

  • Open the ANIMAL table in datasheet view.
  • Click the Filter by Form button on the toolbar (or Records–>Filter by Form). Notice the Look for and Or tabs at the bottom left corner.
  • With the Look for tab highlighted, select the MASTITIS check box.
  • Click the Or tab and select the METRITIS check box.
  • Click Apply filter button on the toolbar (or Records–>Apply Filter/sort) to select cows that suffered from either mastitis or metritis.

Filter For by right-clicking on a field

With the ANIMAL table open in datasheet view, you could right click on any field and in the box Filter For type whatever you want to filter on and press Enter to filter