Create a form to enter farmer information

We have created two tables, and linked them through the FARMERID field. Let’s now create some forms for entering data in these two tables. Note that you can directly enter data in a table via datasheet view (as you had done before) but forms are much more convenient for entering and displaying data. There are many different ways of creating forms but we will first start with the form wizard and then move on to Design view.

To create a form to enter data in the FARMER table:

  • Go to Form>New>Form wizard and click OK to start the Form wizard.
  • Select the FARMER table.
  • Select the fields in the table you want to be displayed in your form (select all the fields except the FARMERID because data in this field will be automatically entered by Access). Note that you can select one field by clicking a single arrow or all the fields by clicking the double arrow.
  • Select the layout for your form (Select Columnar and click Next)
  • Select the style you like (Select Standard and click Next)
  • Name the form (say Farmer) and click Finish to create the form.
  • By clicking arrows at the bottom of the form, navigate the records you had already entered in the FARMER table. Note that you can click single arrows to move one record at a time and double arrows to move to the first and the last record.
  • Open the form in Design view and add a label or make other changes (alignment, add fields, delete fields etc).

The procedure to create this form and modify its design is shown in this Video (wmv) (44.4MB; 2.56min).

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