Create a single form for both the tables

We will now create a single form to enter data for both the tables. Note that this is the form that we will use for entering and displaying data rather than the individual forms for the two tables.

  • Start with a form wizard similar to above.
  • Select the FARMER table from the list of Tables/Queries and Select all the available fields except the FARMERID.
  • Similarly, select the ANIMAL table and select all fields except the ANIMALID and the FARMERID fields and click Next.
  • Select the default option Form with Subform and click Next.
  • Select the default Datasheet option to view the subform data and click Next.
  • Select the Standard style (or whatever you prefer) and click Next.
  • Name the form and the subform and click Finish to create the form.

You can modify the design of the form and the subform in Design view. Search Access help to get information about modifying form design.

Try navigating farmer records and enter records for a few animals per farmer.