Learning outcomes and boundaries

After studying this tutorial, you will be able to

  • create simple Access tables and forms;
  • modify form design;
  • create relationship between tables;
  • create simple select and crosstab queries;
  • extract information from tables or queries; and
  • comprehend advanced MS Access tutorials.

This tutorial is not designed to provide detailed information about

  • field properties in the General and Lookup tabs of the table design window;
  • creating tables in datasheet view or by using the table wizard;
  • importing and linking tables;
  • editing relationships;
  • advanced form design features such as use of the toolbox, command buttons, option groups, combo-boxes, lines or rectangles, or designing a form from scratch in Design view;
  • creating pivot table or pivot chart forms;
  • advanced querying features such as finding duplicate or unmatched records, creating update, append or delete queries;
  • SQL queries;
  • creating macros, web pages, reports or visual basic modules; and
  • normalizing tables.