Data Entry

Entering data in MS Excel worksheets is very easy - just click the cell where you want to enter data and type what you want! Press Enter to go to the next cell in the selected column or press Tab to go to the next cell in the selected row.

Exercise 1

Start Excel and enter data displayed in the Figure 1 below in Sheet1 (Columns A to G).
Note that this is an excerpt of the dataset from a study conducted to identify factors influencing the calving to conception interval (CALVCON). Other variables in the dataset are: COWNUM (cow ID), FIRSTEST (interval in days from calving to first oestrous); FIRSTBRD (interval in days from calving to first breeding); AGE (age of a cow); METRITIS (whether or not a cow had metritis); and OVAR (whether or not a cow had cystic ovarian disease).

Save the file as Excel Tutorial.xls after completing data entry.

Excel worksheet

Figure 1. An Excel worksheet with data entered into 7 columns (A to G) and seven rows (1 to 7). The first row contains data headings or variable names. Note that the cell A7 has been selected and the cell B4 has a different number format than other cells (see the section on Formatting Data for details).