Fill-in Data

You have already seen a facility in Excel to copy a formula from one cell to the other. Similarly, you can copy any cell content to the next adjacent cell:

  • To copy the contents of a cell to other cells, select the cell to be copied (A7 in Fig. 3) and drag the black square to fill, say, cells up to A15. Digit 6 will be copied to all the cells.
  • To fill in series instead of copying cells, click the option group in the last cell to which you copied the data (Cell A15 in Fig. 3) to display the filling options. Select Fill Series to fill the numbers from 6 to 14 instead of just copying the digit 6.
copying cells and filling in series

Figure 3. Options for copying cells and filling in series.

Exercise 5

  • Create another column for dates, type heading in the first cell (say L1) and type today’s date in the first cell after the heading (say L2). Try copying and filling series up to cell H7.