Applications for Credit for Previous Studies

The following information is a summary of key points from the faculty of veterinary science credit transfer policy (available on the Veterinary Science Faculty website).

Students may apply for an exemption for enrolment in a unit/s of study based on previous, equivalent, tertiary study if an application for credit is approved by the Faculty. Please read the complete policy thoroughly prior to lodging any application.
To apply for credit, you must:

  • Complete a separate credit application form for each unit of study in the BVetBiol for which credit is sought. Forms are available on MyUni.
  • Provide an original academic transcript or result notice/s for certification by Faculty of Veterinary Science staff. Please note: studies completed more than 5 years before application will not be considered.
  • Attach copies of detailed unit of study outlines from the handbook of your previous institution. These should include the duration, scope and relative load for each course, as well as a list of lecture and practical class topics. The information must be detailed enough to allow the Unit of Study Coordinator to decide whether your previous study covered enough of the vital content in the unit you are applying for to be considered equivalent (this includes practical skills). Applications with insufficient information cannot be accurately assessed and will be rejected
  • Submit your application/s with attached documents on MyUni at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the semester in which the relevant unit of study is undertaken. No applications will be accepted after the end of week 1 of semester.

Please note the following important points from the Faculty credit policy (complete policy available online):

  • Only units of study in which you have obtained a grade of Credit or better (>65%) may be assigned credit.
  • If your credit application is successful, no mark will be assigned to that unit of study and it will not be included in the WAM calculation for progression to the DVM.
  • Credit applications for BVetBiol elective units will only be considered for units of study that are equivalent to electives appropriate for the student’s nominated progression strategy (see “Faculty of Veterinary Science Policies for Progression to Year 3 BVetBiol/DVM”).
  • The final decision is to be made by the Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning, after consultation with the Unit Coordinator.
  • Successful credit applications may result in a part-time enrolment as full-time loading cannot be guaranteed due to timetable and prerequisite constraints. Credit for more than one unit may affect your eligibility for financial support (eg. Austudy) and transport concession. You should check the terms and conditions of any support before enrolling part-time.
  • Credit applications will only be cancelled in exceptional circumstances and with the approval of the Dean or Dean’s representative (Associate Dean Learning and Teaching and/or Associate Dean Students). Students are advised to consider the possible consequences of their application before submitting it.

Internal Credit Transfer

Internal Credit Transfer (students who have previously studied BVetBiol units of study at the University of Sydney):

  • you will receive an internal credit transfer for any units successfully completed in your previous University of Sydney Bachelor’s degree that are a part of the BVetBiol year 1-2 curriculum (eg. CHEM1101 Chemistry 1A).
  • Marks and grades for internally credited units will be transferred across to your BVetBiol academic record, and included in the WAM calculations for progression into the DVM. This transfer can be completed during the enrolment period by faculty office staff if you request it.

NB: No credit may be awarded for the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Credit applications will only be accepted for units of study in Years 1 and 2 of the Bachelor of Veterinary Biology.