BVetBiol Honours

Honours in the Bachelor of Veterinary Biology may be awarded at graduation.

Honours in Veterinary Biology is available to meritorious candidates who complete an additional year of full time study, after the successful completion of year 3. Students must complete the requirements for the honours course full-time over two consecutive semesters. If the Faculty is satisfied that a student is unable to attempt the honours course on a full time basis and if the Dean so recommends, permission may be granted to undertake honours part-time over four consecutive semesters.

Students who qualify to undertake honours in the Bachelor of Veterinary Biology may elect to enrol in the honours programme a. by suspending candidature from the Bachelor Veterinary Biology/Doctor of Veterinary Medicine for one year after successful completion of year 3, with the permission of the Faculty or by undertaking the honours course after completion of both degrees in the combined programme.