BVSc Extramural Practical Work

A key focus of the BVSc course is to provide students with real veterinary industry experience. Placements are conducted at a range of sites and opportunities are available starting in the third year.

Outlined below are the key areas of extramural practical work.

Animal Husbandry Placements

Students complete placements at farms and other sites to gain experience in the major animal industries and to master animal handling and manipulative techniques with livestock.

Education Support Practice Program

Educational partnerships with local veterinarians (Education Support Practices) ensure that you are involved with veterinary clinical practice from first year. These practices ensure that you gain an appreciation of the context and relevance of your veterinary studies in the early years of the curriculum.

Year 5 Partners in Veterinary Education

Our final year program consists of ten one month rotations through a variety of career option placements. As a student intern you will complete rotations at our University Veterinary Centres and with our Partners in Veterinary Education. Core placements are within the areas of small animal practice, rural mixed practice and government agencies. Elective rotations may be in a wide variety of areas and enable you to focus on particular career interests such as government, industry, research, specialist practice, equine and wildlife. There are no lectures in final year and through our veterinary centres and industry partnerships we are able to ensure that you gain the attributes essential for success as a veterinarian.