All students are required to familiarise themselves with the academic policies governing their enrolment and progression.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Coursework students should pay particular attention to:

Research students should familiarise themselves with:

Student Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct has been formulated to provide a clear statement of the University’s expectations of students in respect of academic matters and personal behaviour. All students are required to comply with the requirements set down in the Student Code of Conduct.

A full version of the Student Code of Conduct is available on the Policy Register, on the University website.

Special Consideration Policy

The Special Consideration process may be available to students who experience serious adverse circumstances that result in absence(s) from class or inability to undertake compulsory, course-related activities. Such circumstances must be fully supported by appropriate documentation.

Applications for special consideration and special arrangements are managed by the University’s Student Administration Services (SAS). Visit the Special Consideration website for information on eligibility and how to apply online.

Student Appeals against Academic Decisions

Student appeals against academic decisions are governed by the University of Sydney (Student Appeals against Academic Decisions) Rule 2006.

An academic decision is a decision that affects the academic assessment or progress of a person within his or her award course, including a decision:

  • to exclude a student on academic grounds
  • not to readmit or re-enrol a person following exclusion
  • to terminate a student's candidature for a postgraduate award

More information on appeals and the University process is available online on the Academic appeals website.

If you have already discussed your concerns with the relevant teacher or Unit of study coordinator and would like to make a Faculty–level appeal, please complete the Sydney School of Veterinary Science – appeal against academic decision form.

Before you submit your appeal to the Faculty, please ensure that you have read the Faculty’s appeals factsheet.

Simple Extensions

A simple extension is an extension of up to 2 working days which may be granted to a student by the Unit of Study Coordinator, if deemed appropriate. Students seeking extensions of more than 2 working days, must apply for Special Consideration.

How to Apply
  • You must request a simple extension directly from your Unit of Study Coordinator.
  • Your request should be made via email, prior to the due date for assessment where possible but no later than two working days after the due date of the assessment, and should be accompanied with supporting medical documentation
    or a Statutory Declaration.
  • Simple extensions are not available for exams, including take-home exams.
  • Please note, even if a simple extension is not granted, you can apply for special consideration.