Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) Graduates

Lloyd Varga - Graduated BVSc

Lloyd Varga

"I’ve wanted to be a vet for as long as I can remember. I could never do a job where I was stuck behind a desk, I needed to be hands on, outdoors and constantly challenged. From the first day of the course, I knew it was right for me. Within the first week I was in practical classes and learning about the basics of animal anatomy and husbandry."

John James (JJ) Debenham - Graduated BVSc

John James (JJ) Debenham

"I actually started in a business degree. It was always a choice between business and veterinary science. I initially chose business, thinking I would keep my love for animals as a hobby, then I spent three months in the Congo. My experiences in Africa really focused my passion for wildlife and conservation and I changed over to the veterinary science degree. I haven’t regretted the change at all."

Luke Ingenhoff - Graduated BVSc

Luke Ingenhoff

“While attending an agricultural high school, I discovered how much I really enjoyed working with livestock and decided at the time that I wanted to become a veterinarian. Fortunately, I was offered a place to study veterinary science at the University of Sydney in 2002."

“The first four years of the course consist of lectures, tutorials and practical classes, where knowledge is progressively added to and integrated to provide clinical relevance. Attending practical classes at the Faculty’s farms and teaching hospitals in Sydney, Camden and Marulan (“Arthursleigh”) has been highly enjoyable as well as educational."
“The final year is a lecture-free year; students work in veterinary practices as junior colleagues (“interns”). This is when knowledge is put into practice under the supervision of veterinarians within private practices, government departments and at the university’s two teaching hospitals, while continuing to develop our skills." “The numerous social events that occur within the veterinary faculty has not only contributed to my enjoyment of the course, but has also allowed us to form friendships with our future colleagues.”

Prabhpreet Kaur - Graduated BVSc

Prabhpreet Kaur

"I have wanted to study Vet Science for as long as I can remember so when I was given the opportunity to come to Sydney University to do so, I jumped at the chance."
"I was told the Faculty here was very 'hands-on'. Students learn animal handling skills from first year and are encouraged to seek external work attachments at farms and vet clinics to sharpen these skills. We spend the last year of our degree working at clinical rotations, which not only helps consolidate all we’re taught but also ensures that when we graduate, we are confident enough in our abilities to handle cases by ourselves."
"Coming from Singapore, I was a little unsure as to how I would fit in with the people and culture but in all honesty, I couldn’t have asked for a better place to go. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and I feel like I’ve truly found a home." "The faculty is fantastic in ensuring that everyone is comfortable and settled. The many social events organised by the Vet Society are also great for making friends and meeting new people. Because we’re such a small faculty, you tend to know almost everyone and are almost guaranteed a group of friends that you will keep for life."

Patrick Brogan - Graduated BVSc

Patrick Brogan

"I have always known that I wanted to be a vet; the problem was I lacked confidence in my abilities as a student and didn’t have enough self-belief to achieve the marks necessary to gain entry into the course straight from school."
"So I completed a BSc at Sydney University in 1999, majoring in biology, with a sense of emptiness; I knew I had to keep on applying to study veterinary science. After a year of doing a Masters of Education, I reapplied to the faculty and my dreams came true: I was offered a place!"
"Now, halfway through my fourth year, I am well aware I may not be the most academic student and would not want to be, but I have a new belief in my abilities." "I have gained so much from doing this course, both in regards to my personal and academic development. When you do a veterinary degree, you become part of the ‘faculty family’. Lecturers and other staff actually care about your progress in the degree and there is lots of support around if you need it. The teaching staff are endlessly generous with their time, are
always willing to help out and should all be commended."
"I have enjoyed my degree but I am looking forward to getting out into the real world! All I can say is if the calling to do vet science is something you feel strongly, with the support of those around you and a bit of hard work, you can do it!!"

Madeline Bamford - Graduated BVSc

Madeline Bamford

"Coming from the UK, the experience of living and studying in a city with as much to offer as Sydney, has been fantastic." "I have always wanted to study veterinary science, and doing so in an institution as well-respected as Sydney University has been an amazing experience." "The course offers a great deal of practical, ‘handson’ experience, coupled with interactive tutorials, as well as the traditional lecture program. The tutors are all very helpful and provide regular structured feedback. As part of the new curriculum we will be spending our fifth year in a variety of clinical placements, which will be fantastic preparation for professional veterinary practice."
"Studying veterinary science at Sydney also offers opportunities to meet people from all over the world, to become involved in clubs and societies such as the Wildlife Group, and enjoy the lively social events for which the faculty is well known!"