2014 Post Graduate Conference Program

Wednesday 5th November 2014

WELCOME - Opened by: professor Kathy Belov 9.15 - 9.25am

Concurrent Session 1a - Webster Lecture Theatre

First Name Surname Supervisor Title Time 
Mette Lillie Kathy Belov Selection on MHC class II supertypes in the New Zealand endemic Hochstetter’s frog 9.30
Christie Budd Merran Govendir Plasma Concentrations and Tolerance of Florfenicol in Phascolarctos cinereus: Investigating an Alternate Treatment of Chlamydiosis in Koalas
Mark Hazelton John House Prevalence of Mycoplasma spp. in dairy bulls and considerations for herd biosecurity 10.00
Tracey  Russell Kathy Belov Does MHC play a role in mate choice in the Tasmanian Devil (Sarcophilus harrisii)? 10.15
Christie Foster Jan Slapeta Investigation of a novel pigment discovered in the microalga Chromera velia – a photosynthetic relative of apicomplexan parasites 10.30
Mark Westman Jacqui Norris Diagnosing FIV infection and the field efficacy of Fel-O-Vax® FIV vaccine in Australian client-owned cats  10.45

Concurrent Session 1b - WP Young Room


First Name Surname Supervisor Title Time 
Ha Truong Peter Selle Divergent responses to sodium metabisulphite inclusions in sorghum-based broiler diets 9.30
Juan Molfino Sergio Garcia Incorporating a high throughput robotic milking system into a large scale, pasture based dairy milking large herds 9.41
Portia Westall Jaime Gongora Genome-wide SNP and population genetics of platypuses from across Australia  9.52
Felix Chia Andrew Dart Pathobiology of extensor tendon degeneration – an ex vivo study using  an ovine tendinopathy model 10.03
Ashleigh Wildridge Kendra Kerrisk Simulated auto-fetching of dairy cows out of a night pasture allocation on an automatic milking system 10.14
Emma Peel Kathy Belov Cathelicidins in the Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii)  10.25
Jana Leshinsky Peter Bennett Pharmacokinetics of caspofungin in healthy cats 10.36
Elisabeth Flett Peter White Can GPS technology be used to identify post-operative pain in livestock? 10.47

MORNING TEA - 11.00 - 11.25am

Session 2 - Webster Lecture Theatre 11.30am - 1.00pm

“Grant applications – Success now and into the future! presented by Jennifer Turner

LUNCH - 1.00pm - 1.40pm

Concurrent Session 3A. Webster Lecture Theatre

First Name Surname Supervisor Title Time 
Michael Campbell Sergio Garcia Opportunities to improve production and decrease risk in a dairy business by utilising forage crops 1.45
Crystal Espinoza Greg Cronin Pain relief for dairy calves undergoing dehorning  2.00
Benjamin Kimble Merran Govendir Comparison of cytochromes P450 2C like activity between koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus), brushtail possums (Trichosurus vulpecula), ringtail possums (Pseudocheirus peregrinus), and rats (Rattus norvegicus).  2.15
John Stratten Jenny-Ann Toribio Matching Systems with Strategy – Field Animal Health Services and FMD Vaccination in Cambodia 2.30
Tugrul Durali Peter Groves Evaluating Range Usage of Commercial Free Range Broiler and Its effect on Birds Performance Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology 2.45

Concurrent Session 3B. WP Young Room

First Name Surname Supervisor Title Time 
Jade  Hammer David Emery The Transmission of Theileria orientalis in Australian Cattle 1.45
Taylor Pini Simon de Graaf Identifying and applying proteins to improve freezing success and promote fertility of frozen-thawed ram sperm 1.56
Julia De Bruyn Robyn Alders Healthy Chickens, Healthy Children: Sustainable contributions to infant nutrition through the control of Newcastle disease in village poultry  2.07
Joanna Whitney Julia Beatty The Aetiopathogenesis of Feline Upper Respiratory Tract Aspergillosis 2.18
Alex John Cameron Clark Determining pasture management systems to optimise robot utilisation in automatic milking systems 2.29
Qais Abdullah Alrawahi Jaime Gongora Population genomics of endangered Arabian Oryx in Oman 2.40
Kamal Acharya Navneet Dhand Estimation of sensitivity and specificity of a real-time PCR and ELISA for Johne’s disease in cattle using gold and non-gold standard approaches  2.51

AFTERNOON TEA - 3.00pm - 3.20pm

Concurrent Session 4A. Webster Lecture Theatre

First Name Surname Supervisor Title Time 
Jessica Talbot Julia Beatty Cryptic Aspergillus species – novel agents of disease 3.25
Ferdausi Begum Jeff Downing Proteomic measures of albumen degradation as indicators of egg freshness 3.36
Jack Neville-Towle Kenneth Johnson Kinematics of the radiocarpal joint when the cadaveric canine carpus is positioned in varying degrees of extension 3.47
Elizabeth Jones Kathy Belov Defensin Peptides of the Tasmanian Devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) 3.58
Dannielle  Glencourse Ros Bathgate Using cervical mucus to predict the optimum insemination timing in sows for improved fertility using frozen-thawed boar spermatozoa 4.09

Concurrent Session 4B. WP Young Room

First Name Surname Supervisor Title Time 
Andrea Camacho-Duarte Alex Chaves Adaptation of pasture-based dairy cows from a conventional to an automatic milking system 3.25
Kate Worthing Jacqui Norris Superbugs and veterinary drugs: Are multidrug-resistant zoonotic pathogens residing in Australian animals?  3.36
Christopher Tan Ken Johnson Characterisation of canine tarsal bone kinematics  3.47
Kylie Huxford Andrew Dart Comparison of oral esomeprazole and omeprazole for treatment of gastric ulcers in horses 3.58
Gillian Burns Andrew Dart An Evidence-Based Study to Assess Back Pain in the Horse using Clinical Examination, Algometry and Ultrasound 4.09

Close Day 1, 4.20pm