Faculty of Veterinary Science Forms and Procedures

This page contains information on how to make changes to your current Faculty of Veterinary Science degree, enrolment or candidature, and the forms you need to read, download and complete in order to make those changes.

Please note: The Faculty is currently reviewing a number of our internal Forms and Policies. Please search for policies in the University Policy Register, or contact the with any queries.

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Academic Advisors (Unit of Study & Year Coordinators)Deferral or Discontinuation of Your Studies
Inherent Requirements
University Policy on Academic HonestyDisability AdviceSpecial Consideration
Appeals Against an Academic DecisionEnrolment VariationStatutory Declaration Form
Assessment policy & proceduresExchange StudiesStudent Academic Progression
Credit Standing From Previous StudyExternal Study (Cross-Institutional Study)University Policies, Procedures & Guidelines
 Financial AssistanceWork Health & Safety Policy 2012

Academic advisors (unit of study and year coordinators) Download the 2014 Unit of Study Coordinators BVSc (xlsx)
Download the 2014 Vet Science Year Coordinators (pdf)
Download the 2014 BVetBiol Unit of Study Coordinators (pdf)
During your studies, the first point of contact should be your Unit of Study Coordinator. He/she can advise on general study matters and on non-standard enrolment plans.

Academic Honesty Download the Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism in Coursework Policy (pdf)
Download the Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism in Coursework Procedures (pdf)
Download the Individual Assignment Coversheet (pdf)
Download the Group Assignment Coversheet (pdf)
Download the Online Assignment Compliance Statement (pdf)
As a student of the Faculty of Veterinary Science you are expected to be honest and ethical in the submission of assignments and other assessable work. All work should be accompanied by a relevant coversheet declaring that it is all the student’s own work.

Appeals against an academic decision Download the University of Sydney (Student Appeals Against Academic Decisions) Rule 2006
Download the Faculty Factsheet (pdf)
Download the Faculty Application Form (pdf)
Download the University Application Form (pdf)
You are able for appeal on the grounds that due academic process has not been observed by a Faculty or Department in relation to issues of assessment, coursework, special consideration, marks and final grades. Read the Policy carefully because there are time limits for submission. Your application should be submitted in the following ways:
  • In person at the Faculty of Veterinary Science Office
  • By mail to the Faculty of Veterinary Science Office
  • As e-documents to

Assessment procedures Download the Assessment Procedures 2011 (pdf)
As part of your studies, your knowledge & skills will be assessed against specific criteria and learning outcomes. Assessment information can be found in your Unit of Study Handbook or Unit outline.
The conduct of assessment is governed by University policies and procedures.

Credit standing from previous study

Download the Coursework Policy 2014 (pdf)
Apply on Sydney Student

Credit policy for BVetBiol/DVM (web)

If you have completed undergraduate studies at another institution or in another degree at the University of Study you may be eligible to apply for credit from previous studies to count towards your current degree. You should read all the instructions on Sydney Student and submit online at least three weeks before the beginning of the Semester in which the Unit is taught.

You can find further information at:

Credit for previous study information (web)

Additional policies apply to undergraduate credit applications for the BVetBiol/DVM.  Please note that no credit will be awarded to the DVM.

Deferral or Discontinuation of your studies Apply on Sydney Student
If a student wishes to take a temporary pause in their studies (leave of absence or deferral) or stop or exit the course (discontinue); they should seek Faculty permission.
Your application should be submitted on Sydney Student.

Disability View the University Disability Advice (web)
The University is committed to supporting students who have a disability and advice is available here:

Enrolment Variation Apply on Sydney Student
All students can vary their enrolment online via Sydney Student. Student may seek further assistance form the Veterinary Science Faculty Office.

Exchange Studies View the Exchange Studies (web)
Students in the Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience can apply to complete one or two semesters of study on overseas exchange at participating Universities.

External Study (Cross-Institutional study) View the External Study (Cross-Institutional study) (web)
Students in the Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience can apply to study some of their Units by distance at participating Universities. The University of New England offers courses in sheep and wool science

Financial assistance View the Financial assistance (web)
Are you struggling to meet your rent payments, but food, or cover bills? The Financial Assistance Office has bursaries and interest-free loans to help you with these kinds of expenses. The University and the Faculty also offer scholarships and prizes based on both academic and non-academic criteria.

Inherent Requirements Download the Inherent Requirements for Veterinary Medicine (pdf) 
In addition to the academic requirements set out in the Faculty Handbook, you will be required to satisfy a number of inherent requirements to complete this course. Please review the Inherent Requirements for Veterinary Medicine before completing your application.

Special consideration View the Special consideration webpage (web)
Download the Special consideration form (pdf)
Download the Special consideration policy for postgraduate coursework (pdf)
For information about Special consideration for illness or misadventure.

Statutory declaration form Download the Statutory declaration form (pdf)


Student academic progression Download the Coursework Policy 2014 (pdf)
Download the Staying On Track Questionnaire Stage 1 (pdf)
Download the Staying On Track Questionnaire Stage 2 (pdf)

The University appreciates that many students experience difficulties during their degrees. Circumstances such as adjustment to university study and independent learning, study load, health/housing/financial problems and family commitments can impact on your academic performance.
It is important to recognize when these problems are occurring, to identify the cause and to seek assistance in resolving/managing them. We use a Staying On Track Questionnaire to help you in this process. These forms have been designed to assist you in identifying and explaining the reasons why your academic performance has been below a satisfactory level which has lead you to being identified as potentially ‘at risk’ of not completing your Degree course.

University policies, procedures and guidelines View the University policies, procedures and guidelines (web)

All Universtiy Rules, Policy, Procedures and Local Provisions are available on the Policy Register.

Work Health and Safety

Download the Download the Work Health and Safety Procedures 2012 (pdf)
Download the Download the Work Health and Safety Policy 2012 (pdf)
Download the WHS Declaration Form (pdf)
Download the Camden Safety Manual (pdf)


Students are required to complete the Work Health and Safety Disclosure Form each year and submit it to the faculty office.