Welcome to Current Research Students

Sub-Dean Postgraduate Research - Dr Jeff Downing
Dr Jeff Downing

Congratulations on starting your Postgraduate Research Degree at the Sydney School of Veterinary Science!

You are about to embark upon a challenging and exciting period in your life where you will conduct new and interesting research in your chosen area. The end result will hopefully be well worth the effort!
As a postgraduate research student you play an essential role in investigating and solving problems that influence the direction of the veterinary and animal production sciences both within Australia and globally. You are involved in an individual research project that will culminate in the production of a thesis, examined by independent experts, in order to be awarded a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or Masters degree.

Our Faculty recognises that our postgraduate research students are the back-bone of both our research activities and research reputation and values your contribution. We aim to provide you with a research environment that optimises your opportunities to explore your research area and encourages you to present your data not only within your thesis, but also in the form of published manuscripts in scientific journals and at national and international scientific meetings.