Getting Around


Access selection of useful maps of the University of Sydney , including:

  • Campus Directory – enables you to find particular buildings on different campuses. Sydney University buildings are also given a code number, so you can search for them using this code or by name.
  • The Security Bus route – a Sydney campus bus service.
  • Cycle Maps.
  • Public Transport maps – State Transport Australia bus maps.
  • Safe walking routes maps.

There are numerous bus routes that will take you to the University of Sydney.
It is best to consult the University web-pages or 1300 Transport Infoline for more detailed information.


Sydney Campus:
Parking is limited on and around the Sydney campus. You need a permit to park regularly on campus and even then, you cannot be guaranteed a space.
More information can be found on the Facilities webpage
or the Student Services website

Should you be wanting to visit the Sydney campus from Camden, there are floating parking permits available, but these need to be booked through the Shute Building Reception.
Ph: 02 9351 1665 or

Camden Campus:
There are plenty of free car parking spaces here outside most buildings.

Faculty Cars

Faculty cars may be used for occasional work-related travel. Before you can take a car though, you will need to register by taking your Australian Drivers License to the Faculty Office (Sydney) or the Shute Reception (Camden) where they will make a copy and put you on the books. If you have an International Driving License it may be necessary for you to go to an RTA Office and gain a NSW license. This is more complicated for some countries than others – see the RTA website for details at

Ask the Faculty Office or Shute Reception if you are unsure.
Once you have been approved to use the cars, you must remember to book them! Each building has its own car(s), so ask your Supervisor, administrative staff or other postgraduates in your building how to book and where the keys are kept.


Many of you will undertake travel for field work, conferencing and workshops. It is a University requirement that you must obtain official travel approval prior to these events for insurance purposes.

The official travel approval form can be found within the BLACKBOARD postgraduate site and may be obtained upon request made to the Postgraduate Student Administrator, Tess Le-Lande.
Ph: +61 2 9351 6933