Animal and Human Ethics approval

Many of you will be using animals in your research. If you are planning to house animals at the University and collect samples from them for research purposes, you’re obligated by law to ensure that all facets of animal care and use meets the requirement of the
Australian Code of Practice for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes.

The University’s Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) oversees the ethical use of animals in this institution. It is a requirement of the NSW Animal Research Act (1985), that you must apply to the AEC for permission to hold and use animals at the University of Sydney. Approvals must be obtained before you begin your research. The AEC sits periodically throughout the year and will often return your application, requesting modifications to your proposal for animal use and resubmission. So, discuss and plan your AEC application well in advance of planned animal use.

You can find information regarding meeting dates, submission deadline and forms on the
University’s Animal Ethics website.

The Faculty will often run a session for Animal and Veterinary Bioscience honours students on how to apply for animal ethic approval early in semester 1 (March) each year. If you’re interested in attending this session discuss it with your Supervisor or contact either Dr. Wendy Muir () or Assoc. Prof Kathy Belov (). The postgraduate BLACKBOARD site will also contain relevant information and forms regarding ethical use of animal in research.

If you plan to produce a questionnaire designed to collect data from farmers, pet owners or fellow scientists you may be required to apply for human ethics approval to collect and use such data. Proposals must be submitted to and approved by The University’s Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) prior to collection of such data. As with the AEC this committee sits periodically and will often request resubmissions and modification of your proposal. So plan and submit your proposal well in advance. You can find information regarding meeting dates, submission deadline and forms on the University’s Human Ethics website