Student Cards and Keys

You should have been given all the information you need about getting your student card, prior to enrolment. All additional enquiries can be made at:

  • the Faculty Office, or
  • the University Card Centre (Level 2 (ground floor), K07 Margaret Telfer Building, Arundel Street, University of Sydney, NSW 2006 (MAP); Ph:+61 2 9351 2423; E: and
  • the student campus card website, including information about travel concessions, replacement cards, distance enrolling and more.

Following enrolment for the first time, you will need to re-enrol each subsequent year. For further information access Vet Faculty enrolments.

Swipe Card Access

Many of the buildings and some of the laboratories you’ll be working in will require swipe card access (especially after hours, i.e. outside 7am-6pm usually). Your student card doubles as a swipe card, however to enable swipe card access you will need to provide your student card and/or student identification number to building or Faculty managers or Campus infrastructure and services (CIS). You should discuss which building or labs you’ll need access to with your Supervisor during the induction meeting. During this meeting confirm with your Supervisor that a request for swipe card access to buildings and labs has been lodged or make arrangements to request access.

To organise activating your student card to provide swipe card access:

  • Camperdown - contact the Faculty Manager Veronica Boulton () or the Campus infrastructure and services (CIS)
  • Camden - contact Stefan Zielonko () at the Properties Office directly.


These may be requested for specific buildings, officers and rooms. Discuss the need to request keys for specific areas such as the postgraduate room / research spaces on each campus with your Supervisor.

The contacts mentioned above regarding swipe card access can also facilitate requests for keys. Campus security issues are of great importance with theft of computers and personal belongings not uncommon (especially at the Camperdown campus,) so make sure you lock up rooms (especially the postgraduate room) if you’re the last to leave.