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SUPRA is the Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association. In addition to your postgraduate Student Representative and Coordinators, who should be your first point of contact if you have issues, you can contact SUPRA for independent advice. It is free to subscribe to become a SUPRA member and once you are a member, you will be provided with a number of free advice brochures and booklets as well as the knowledge there is someone out there ready to help you should you need it!

Registration forms are available at Postgraduate induction events or online at

SUPRA is a support organisation run by postgraduate students for postgraduate students, offering assistance - both academically and personally - during the course of your candidature. SUPRA can provide general and legal advice and can assist with supervisory problems, appeals, matters relating to your fees or Intellectual Property and anything that may impact on your academic or general welfare. They also publish very useful postgraduate survival guides and guides for thesis writing.

You may want to access their information and support services, attend their events and use them for social purposes, or you may want to become involved in the running of the organisation or contributing to their quarterly magazine.

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The University of Sydney Union

They organise many clubs, societies and events and run the Union buildings. Memberships is voluntary and by signing up for an Access card, you can also gain discounts both on and off campus, at a variety of shops, pubs and eateries as well as with some tour operators and car hire companies.

Their website has more information on the Access card plus details of clubs and societies, sports centres and theatres:

The Learning Centre

They hold workshops on different skills required as a postgraduate. They offer courses of various lengths on subjects within the following categories:

  • Academic Reading and Writing;
  • Oral Communication Skills;
  • Postgraduate Research Skills;
  • Studying at University; and
  • English Language courses (W.E.L.L.).

They also have publications on offer and online enrolment in their courses is available.
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The Student Centre

This is predominantly aimed at undergraduate students; however, they may be of use to you as they are the central administration section for all University of Sydney students.
Their website is:

Student Services

They provide free services concerning accommodation, employment, health and counselling. Their website contains lots of useful information: