Key People & Post Graduate Representatives

Chances are you have already met or found out who your Supervisor is going to be. Whilst your Supervisor will undoubtedly be a major person in your postgraduate studies, their role is mainly to help guide your academic success. There is a number of other people in the Faculty who will also be involved in helping your time here go smoothly.

HDR Administration Centre

Contact the Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Administration Centre to discuss any aspect of your candidature.

Postgraduate Coordinators

They are responsible for your pastoral care in the faculty. There are a number of Postgraduate Coordinators on each campus, see below. You will be assigned to a Postgraduate Coordinator by the Faculty Postgraduate Student Administrator. You should make a plan to introduce yourself to your Postgraduate Coordinator within the first month of your candidature, preferably at or around the time of your induction.


Dr Roslyn Bathgate

Dr Cathy Herbert

Dr Glenn Shea

Dr Jan Slapeta

Prof. Claire Wade


Dr Greg Cronin

Dr Kumi de Silva

Dr. Imke Tammen

A/Prof Peter Thomson

Dr Stuart Wilkinson

Associate Dean of Research

Professor Katherine Belov

Associate Dean of Graduate Programs

Assoc Prof Merran Govendir

Sub Dean of Post Graduate Research

Dr Jeff Downing

Student Representatives

They are a helpful point of contact for general advice on the postgraduate experience on your campus.
Your campus Student Representatives are listed below:

  • Sydney Mr Jonathan Early
  • Camden Ms Louise Bartolac
Post Graduate Education & Research Training Committee (PERTC)

PERTC is a committee of the Faculty of Veterinary Science consisting of the Associate Dean of Research, Associate Dean of Post Graduate Studies, Sub Dean of Post Graduate Research Training, Postgraduate Coordinators and postgraduate Student Representatives from each campus.

The committee is dedicated to the work and welfare of postgraduate students at the Faculty.

This committee is chaired by Dr Jeff Downing. Jeff and his team are very willing to provide help and advice to current and potential postgraduate research students. If you have any personal, administrative or unsolvable academic issues during your candidature please contact your postgraduate Student Representative, who can advise you where to get help and can bring up broader issues at the PERTC meetings anonymously on students’ behalf.