Whatever building you work in, ask whether there is a formal induction program for Occupational Health and Safety. For example, in the Shute Building Raj Bangur organises an OH&S induction and will introduce you to the people you need to know and gives you a manual.

If you are working in molecular and infectious disease laboratories at Sydney University there is a requirement to undergo a local OH&S induction program PLUS an appropriate OH&S short course appropriate to your field. These OH&S requirements must be completed during the probationary period in many research groups.

Learning Solutions* offer a range of half-day OH&S training programs, including:

The former is the recommended compulsory program for all laboratory workers, specifically those working in PC2 confinement facilities. Some laboratories will require that you undertake both of the above mentioned training courses in order to conform to local and university OH&S requirements. You should discuss OH&S issues and requirements with your Supervisor during your initial meetings and complete the necessary OH&S requirements early in your candidature (prior to the completion of probation).

If you will be working with animals but are not a veterinarian, you should attend the 'Introduction to Animal Research' course on animal ethics, usually held in March each year. (Check with your Supervisor or Assoc. Prof Merran Govendir for details.)

If you are using a radioactive substance, you will need to be licensed and hold a radiation badge. Check with your Supervisor to get into contact with your radiation safety officer at each campus. Learning solutions* offers training sessions in ‘Radiation Safety for Laboratory Workers’. You may be required to complete this training to satisfy OH&S requirements. Please discuss this with your Supervisor and local radiation safety officer.

You should check whether you are up to date with your vaccinations and might discuss with your Supervisor if you need to be vaccinated for any specific diseases (e.g. Q fever if you work with farm animals).

Please be wary of some of the native wildlife (snakes, spiders etc.), especially if you are located at Camden. Snake awareness information and contact details for snake relocators are available from the Shute reception.

*Booking for sessions provided by Learning Solution on-line can be a bit tricky for postgraduate students. It is recommended that students call Learning Solution on 02 9036 4723 to book themselves in. Be aware also that most of the sessions are run at the Sydney campus.