Discrimination & Harassment

Discrimination and harassment is behaviour towards another person which is unreasonable, unwelcome, unreciprocated; or if it intimidates or offends; or it makes a person apprehensive and erodes motivation. The University of Sydney is committed to providing an environment free from discrimination and harassment. In many cases discrimination or harassment is unlawful, when for example it is related to sex, pregnancy, marital status, race, homosexuality, transgender or disability. All members of the University are entitled to be treated with courtesy and respect, and to work and study in an appropriately professional and supportive environment. Refer to the University's Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Policy and Resolution Procedure or contact the Equal Opportunity Unit Office (02 9351 2212).

The Sydney School of Veterinary Science is responsible for ensuring that students are treated fairly and with respect during their enrolment. Any form of personal harassment or discrimination is likely to undermine professional relationships and efficiency, and the Faculty expects that students, whether on campus or on extramural placement, will neither inflict nor experience harassment or discrimination.

The Sydney School of Veterinary Science expects that agencies providing placements for University of Sydney veterinary interns will offer them a workplace free from discrimination and harassment. If you experience harassment or discrimination during any rotation placement:

  • You should not blame yourself or do nothing
  • Explain your feelings to the person and ask the person to stop. If the behaviour persists or if you continue to feel unsafe leave the site as soon as possible
  • Report the incident to your Extramural site supervisor if appropriate
  • Contact the Faculty Office, Unit of Study Coordinator, Associate Dean for Students, or Year Coordinator
  • Notify one of the University’s Discrimination Advisers (02 9351 2212)
  • Notify the University’s Student Representative Council (SRC)

Students whose behaviour is unacceptable will be subject to appropriate action. This may include being withdrawn from placement, a requirement to complete remediation, failure of the unit of study and being denied further placements, as well as disciplinary action by the University.