Insurance & Incident Reporting


Whilst on extramural placements organised by the Faculty, students are covered by the University's Liability & Personal Accident Insurance policies for students on work experience.

Note that insurance cover is only provided to students whilst on a placement that has been organised through the faculty. Therefore a student may not actually be enrolled but still covered by the University insurance and placements cannot be organised for students unless they are enrolled at the time of organising a placement since they will need to be able to log into the University website.

Students who defer for a period of one semester or more may therefore have difficulty arranging placements around their enrolement dates.

Insurance information and supporting documents that students may be required to supply to a practice/farm/hospital are available from the University of Sydney Audit and Risk Management page on the University website.

Receipt of a Confirmation email signifies that the placement is 'organised' by the Faculty and therefore covered by the University insurance. Students should not attend placements until they have received a Confirmation email.

Professional Indemnity

Professional indemnity insurance covers any breach of professional duty by reason of any negligent act, error or omission by University staff, students and others engaged in University sanctioned teaching, research and associated consulting work.

Personal Accident

University Sport maintains a personal accident insurance policy for students engaged in domestic practical placements that are a necessary course requirement or sanctioned by the Dean. This policy covers non-Medicare medical expenses incurred following an injury sustained on any campus-related activity. International students are required to have proof of private health insurance at enrolment in order to cover Medicare expenses. International students and local students should check their policies for specific details of insurance coverage.

Please note that as a student attending placements you are not covered by Workers Compensation Insurance. International students and all veterinary students intending to do Extramural placements overseas should keep up to date with local media and with travel advice from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade via
Students attending overseas placements should contact the RMO for further advice:
General Insurance Claims Officer
Risk Management Office K07
University of Sydney, NSW 2006
Telephone: (02) 9351 4127
Facsimile: (02) 9351 3596

Vehicle Insurance

The University’s insurance policies do not cover damage to motor vehicles. Any damage to a motor vehicle is covered by the vehicle insurance policy. If you are asked to drive a vehicle that you do not own, please inform the owner of the vehicle that the university insurance policy does not cover vehicle damage. Further, if you hold an automatic drivers licence and you are asked to drive a manual vehicle please inform the owner.

Insurance Claims

In the event you should need to make an insurance claim, please:

  1. Contact the Veterinary Science, Faculty Office (Shirley Ray 02 9351 6932) immediately. The University of Sydney requires all accidents to be reported within 48 hours.
  2. If an insurance claim is involved please request the appropriate claim forms and contact details for the relevant University insurance representatives.
  3. Submit an Injury and Incident Report Form to the Risk Management Office via the Faculty Office. All accidents and injuries, no matter how minor they may appear at the time, should be reported by faxing a completed Injury and Incident Report Form to the Faculty Office on Fax: (02) 9351 3056. This form is available from the Y5VVC and the Partners in Veterinary Education website.
  4. Keep the Faculty’s Co-ordinator Extramural Placements advised at every stage.

Incident and Accidents Must Be Reported

The University of Sydney policies related to Work (occupational) Health and Safety are located at and you should familiarise yourself with these policies and guidelines, particularly in relation to reporting incidents and accidents.

All incidents must be reported to the University. Students involved in an incident should conact the immediately to complete an Incident Report Form as soon as possible after the incident. Enter 'Incident Report' into the Subject line.