Preclinical year one Animal Husbandry Units and Camden Animal Handling Week

Compulsory Five Day Classes at Camden

Commencing after the examination period of 1st Year, students will undertake large animal handling classes at the University’s Camden Farms. These classes run for 5 days. Assessments on animal handling skills will take place at the end of the 5 days.

Students will be required to sign up online via the Blackboard First Year Vet Studies eCommunity site to one of two sessions;

  • Session 1: Group A & Group B – the week directly following the exam period in Semester 2 of 1st Year.
  • Session 2: Group C & Group D – the week immediately prior to the commencement of Semester 1 of 2nd Year.

PLEASE NOTE; the group you sign up to is based on the Extramural Placement Group Rotation Schedule (See Extramural Group Rotation Schedule.)

You will be notified by email when the sign up sheets for these sessions are available. Students in each session will be required to choose a small group (maximum 18 per group), however this will be on a first come, first served basis. The group you choose will be required to undertake their work placements in accordance with the group rotation schedule. See Extramural Practical Work Requirements – Placements section on the next page.

Please note: If you wish to be part of the first year orientation program (S.O.L.E.) in 2012 you will need to sign up for a group in Session 1.

(For further information regarding S.O.L.E please contact Dr Susan Matthew

Transport / Accommodation at Camden

You will need to arrange your own transport to Camden. The faculty will not organise transport for you. It is suggested that you consider your transport needs when signing up to a session. You may be able to arrange transport with others in your group if you do not have your own car. Public transport to the university is available but limited. (for more information see the trip planner at