Non Partner Site Placements

Students are not to contact any property, either listed on the Virtual Veterinary Campus (VVC) or otherwise, without prior written consent from the Faculty Extramural Admin Unit.

Most Animal Husbandry placements are organised with our Partner Sites by Ballot or Direct Application. However, students will also need to source some of their placements with properties that are not listed on the VVC.

All Non Partner placements are organised through the VVC.. Students log in and go to 'Non Partner Placements' and 'Enter new approval application'.

Student Guide to Organizing Animal Husbandry Placements provides further information about organising placements with Non Partner Sites. Pages from 11 relate specifically to Non Partner Site placements.

Extramural Practical Work Placements - Electives

Students who commenced prior to 2010 have the option to complete 4 weeks of Discretionary Experience to develop further skills in other areas or to further their skills with the core species listed above. This includes Veterinary Practices, Wildlife Parks/ Zoos, Alpaca farms etc.

Students who commenced since to 2010 are required to complete 2 weeks of Elective Experience to develop further skills in other areas or to further their skills with the core species listed above. This includes Wildlife Parks/ Zoos, Alpaca farms etc. It does not include Veterinary Practices.

On completion of these placements, students are required to complete an online Self Assessment / Skills Sheet, a Feedback Form and have their supervisor complete a Supervisor’s Report. No assignments are required for Elective Experience.

Procedure for Applying for Placement to a Non Partner Site

Students wishing to attend a Non Partner Site for VETS4236 Preparation for Veterinary Practice, Animal Husbandry Placement Requirements should refer to the Submission Deadlines table below before proceding further.

Non Partner Site placements are organised online through the VVC. Following is an outline of the process:

1. Ascertain that the property is not a Ballot or Direct Application Site by searching the 'All Animal Husbandry Properties' list on the VVC, Animal Husbandry Properties pages.

2. Apply for approval to make initial contact with a site.

3. If approval is given, you will be notified also of the required documents that you must both enter online and submit to the faculty office. Proceed to contact the site to request a placement. Ascertain that the property is a commercial operation and that it meets the minimum requirement for stock numbers as follows:

  • Beef Cattle: no less than 50 breeding cows
  • Dairy Cattle: more than 50 milking cows
  • Horse Stud requirement for current 3rd Year: Stud work essential, must be a commercial stud
  • Horse requirement for current 2nd and 1st Year: acceptable establishments include Equestrian, Performance, Racing, Riding Schools, Stables & Trainers, and Horse Studs. Hobby farms are not accepable.
  • Sheep: no less than 500
  • Pigs: no less than 30 sows and preferably 100
  • Poultry: minimum 1,000 laying chickens, minimum 3,000 broiler chickens
  • Elective Experience (students enrolled in 1st Year from 2011): any commercial enterprise that is not a Veterinary Clinic.

4. If you have a positive response from your request to attend the property and if the property meets the stock requirements arrange your dates with respect to the submission deadlines, given below, for the required documents . Make sure you allow enough time for your supervisor to complete and return these documents.

5. You will need to return to this page to download a Principals Agreement Form. AH_Principals Agreement Form (pdf)

You may also need to download one of the Site Profile Surveys if the property is new to the faculty.

Property Profile Survey (pdf)

Zoo & Wildlife Profile Survey (pdf)

6. Forward the Required Documents to your contact at the Property. Students generally complete as much of these documents as they can to speed up the process. Ask your contact to return these documents to you, not the faculty, within good time for you to enter them on the VVC.

7. Complete the Principals Agreement Form and the Profile Survey or Zoo & Wildlife Profile Survey, as required, on the VVC.

8. Submit a copy of the Principals Agreement Form and the Profile Survey or Zoo & Wildlife Profile Survey, as required, to the Extramural Admin Unit in the faculty office.

The student is responsible to ensure that the required documents are entered prior to the submission deadline. The VVC will not accept placement dates outside the deadlines. The student is responsible to ensure that the required documents are submitted to the Extramural Unit prior to the submission deadline.

9. Students will receive a Confirmation Email from the Extramural Admin Unit when their placement has been finalised. Confirmation indicates that the placement will be included as part of the student's course requirement and that their visit to the Property is covered by University insurance policies. Do not attend a site for which a placement has not been confirmed or for which no placement documents have been issued. Such a visit will not be considered part of the student's course requirements and will not be covered by University insurance policies.

Placement Confirmation and Placement Documents

Students will be issued a Confirmation Email when their Non Partner Site placement has been finalised.

If the placement was organised in good time a placement commencement package will be posted to the property within two weeks of the commencement date of your placement.

If there is a delay in organising the placement and the placement documents cannot be posted two weeks prior to the start date, students will be emailed that they are required to collect their placement documents from the faculty office and to deliver them personally to the student supervisor on site. Students should not attend a placement without placement documents.

If placement documents are not collected by the Start Date of a placement, the placement will be cancelled. The placement documents include confirmation to the supervisor that your time on site is related to your degree and covered by University of Sydney insurance. It also includes the site contract you are required to sign at the commencement of your placement.

Faculty office hours: 9am to 5pm. Closed public holidays and the Christmas close down period. Refer to the University of Sydney website:

Deadlines for Non Partner Site Required Documents

Placement documents will be posted to the site to arrive a week prior to your start date. Therefore the following deadlines apply to both Non Partner Site and Direct Application Site placements in the coming placement periods. Students will be notified by UniEmail of any updates are made to this page.

Deadline for the submission of the Principal Agreement Form and the Profile Survey (if required), online and to the Faculty office, is 9am, 16 working days prior to your Start Date. Allowance is made for the University's Christmas close-down period. This deadline will be not be adjusted except under an approved Special Consideration Application.

Students may arrange to attend placements at any time they are not required to be on campus. However, students will not be placed when the University is closed over the Christmas season.

Summer 2014 / 2015 Placements

Placement Period

Enter Required Documents

on VVC by 9am

Submit Required Documents

to Extramural Unit by 9am

Week 1: November 24 -30

October 31

October 31

Week 2: December 1 -7

November 7

November 7

Week 3: December 8 - 14

November 14

November 14

Week 4: December 15 -21

November 21

November 21

Week 5: January 5- 11

November 28

November 28

Week 6: January 12 - 18

December 5

December 5

Week 7: January 19 - 25

December 12

December 12

Week 8: January 26 - February 1

December 12

December 12

Week 9: February 2 - 8

January 9

January 9

Week 10: February 9 - 15

January 16

January 16

Week 11: February 16 - 22

January 23

January 23

Week 12: February 23 - March 1

January 30

January 30