Professional Experience Component of AVBS3000

Current students should refer to the AVBS Blackboard site for detailed information about the Professional Development Program and how to plan a PE placement.

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PE Placements Overview

All students must complete 60 days of approved, faculty-supported professional experience by the commencement of semester 2, year 3.
Placements commence in year 1 and must be completed by the start of semester 2 of year 3 in order to progress to 4th year, timing is at the student's discretion. Students choose their own PE placements within broad guidelines to meet the program requirements, allowing them to follow their interests, learn life & job skills & "try out" careers. Professional Experience is highly valued by employers at graduation.

Students undertake a minimum of 5 placements on Faculty approved commercial farming enterprises, animal-related businesses and research organisations. Following each placement, a professional, consultant-style report must be submitted demonstrating what was learnt from the experience. Reports are marked and contribute to the final result for AVBS3000. PE is a compulsory part of the degree program and must be completed in order to progress into year 4 of the degree.

For the experience to be credited, students must register their placements for faculty approval in advance via the AVB web portal and receive confirmation prior to attending. A PE report must be submitted after each placement. The placement supervisor must complete and sign a supervisor report for the time spent at their organisation for the report to be credited. Placements that are not arranged using the correct process will not be credited towards the student's PE program.

Professional Conduct

Students on placement are expected to abide by the University of Sydney Student Code of Conduct. All students must comply with the Faculty code of conduct for excursions and field trips. Further information about standards of behaviour and appropriate attire will be provided during Professional Development seminars.

All students are expected to familiarise themselves with University Insurance Policies prior to arranging any placement.
For safety reasons, students may not commence farm placements until they have completed the farm safety training provided during first year.