Veterinary Student Abattoir Program - Overview

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As a compulsory requirement of the Bachelor of Veterinary Science, students are required to participate in the Veterinary Student Abattoir Program (VSAP). Students will generally commence undertaking the requirements of the VSAP upon entering the 3rd year of the degree program.

Students must successfully complete these requirements to pass VETS4232 Veterinary Public Health.

Training & Placement Requirements

Abattoir training consists of three components:

1. Independent study via the online Australian Abattoir Learning Resource.

2. 2-day Abattoir Workshop at the University of Sydney's Camden campus in the mid-year vacation period (July) of their 3rd year of the degree. Training must be completed prior to the 3 day on-site placement. The following subjects are assumed knowledge for students attending the 2 Day Abattoir Workshop

  • VETS3011 Veterinary Pathology
  • VETS3018 Animal Behaviour and Welfare Science
  • VETS3040 Veterinary Microbiology
  • VETS3041 Veterinary Parasitology

Students who have not successfully completed these Units of Study should seek permission to attend the workshop and placement from the Academic Coordinator, Dr Siobhan Mor.

3. 3-day Placement at an approved Department of Agriculture Export Abattoir or an approved international export abattoir in another country. Placements occur in the holiday periods from November of 3rd Year to September of 4th Year.

Veterinary Student Abattoir Program and Entry into Final Year

The VSAP is a barrier to progression into final year. Students who have not fully met the requirements for the VSAP by the end of September Year 4, will not be able to pass VETS4232 Veterinary Public Health in 4th Year and will not be eligible to enter into final year.


Students must have received a Q-Fever vaccination or tested positive for Q-Fever antibodies prior to the workshop and placement.

Students add their details to the Australia Q Fever Register and provide faculty with their Q Fever Registration Number through the VVC, My Details page.

VSAP Contacts

Students with queries about the program should contact:

Dr Siobhan Mor
Abattoir Training Program Academic Co-ordinator
Phone: 9036 7784
Address: Camden
C01 - J.L. Shute
The University of Sydney
NSW 2570 Australia

Associate Professor Jenny-Ann Toribio
VETS4232 Veterinary Public Health Academic Co-ordinator
Phone: 9351 1609
Address: S119 Camden
C01 - J.L. Shute
The University of Sydney
NSW 2570 Australia

The Extramural Admin Unit in the Faculty Office
phone: 02 9036 5110