Veterinary Student Abattoir Program (VSAP) - Schedule

Abattoir Workshop - July Year 3

Year 3 students will be required to undertake a two day Abattoir Workshop in the last week on the winter break. Students are invited to sign into one of two groups for Abattoir Workshop by the Unit of Study Coordinator in 1st semester of 3rd Year.

The Abattoir Workshop is held only once each year at this time so it is important to attend when scheduled. Students are advised to note this commitment in their personal diary.

The Abattoir Workshop dates for 2014 are 22nd to 25th July.

The Abattoir Workshop dates for 2015 are 21st to 24th July.

The Abattoir Workshop will be held on the Camden Campus.

On Site Abattoir Placements from November Year 3 to September Year 4

Students will be required to undertake a 3 day placement at an approved Export Abattoir between November Year 3 and September Year 4. Students will be required to enter preferences for available abattoir sites and dates they are available to host students. Students will then be allocated by random ballot to an abattoir site for a specific placement week.

Students are generally placed in pairs.

Address details of participating abattoirs can be found on the Virtual Veterinary Campus.