Educational Support Practices (ESP) - 2011 Schedule

Preferences for Patrner Sites


Preferences are to be entered by 9am Monday 11th, April 2011.

Students will be advised of their allocated site by Wednesday 13th April, 2011

Student have the opportunity to swap the site they have been allocated to, with another student. All swaps must be organized and the Faculty Extramural Admin Unit advised in writing by each student via the ESP email account: by no later than 9am, Monday 18th April, 2011. Email subject heading should be: "Site Swap". You should include your first name, surname, SID, the site you have been allocated to along with the first and surname of the student you are swapping with and the site they have been allocated to. You should CC the person you are swapping with on the email, so that they know you have advised faculty. If an email is not received from both parties no swap will be facilitated by faculty.

Sites will be contacted by faculty to confirm student placements.

Students will be advised from 28th April of confirmations of placements. If a site is unable to host a student the faculty will endeavour to find another site for the student to attend.

Preferences for Non Partner Sites

Students attend Non Partner Sites ESP Placements in pairs.

Students should check that their possible Non Partner Site is not on the list of Partner Sites.

Students wishing to attend a Non Partner Site should contact the faculty in writing via the ESP email account: to request a ESP Principles Agreement Form and Guide to ESP Visits. Ensure you include the First Name, Surname and SIDs of the student pair.

Students should approach their Non Partner Site with a copy of the ESP Principles Agreement Form and Guide to ESP Visits. This Form should be returned to the Faculty office by 9am Tuesday 3rd May. This is extended to Tuesday 10th May, 2011 but no Agreement Forms will be accepted after this deadline.

Once the documentation has been returned to the faculty students will be instructed to enter a preference for their Non Partner Site.

Entering Personal Contact Details and Emergency Contact Details

Students are required to enter their personal contact details and two emergency contacts into the Virtual Veterinary Campus, My Details page by 9am Monday 2nd May, 2011.

Natural disasters such as disease outbreaks and floods occur occasionaly while students are on placement. If a student is in an effected area the Extramural Unit will need to be able to contact them to determine their wherabouts and welfare. The two Emergency Contacts are the only people that will be given information concerning a student's whereabouts and welfare. Entering Emergency Contacts on the My Details page of the VVC authorises the Extramural Unit to give out this information.

Trouble Shooting

If you experience difficulties accessing the Virtual Veterinary Campus, or in entering preferences, or updating your personal contact or emergency contact details, please email with the subject heading: Trouble Shooting. Please ensure you include your First Name, Surname and your SID.