Q Fever Screening and Vaccination

Q Fever Screening is organised by the 1st Year Academic Coordinator early in 1st Semester. Screening is arranged through the University Health Services.

Australian Q Fever Register

Faculty require all students to register their Q Fever immune status with the Australian Q Fever Register. The Australian Q Fever Register keeps a secure online record of Q Fever immune status of individuals. The Register has several advantages for both students and faculty. Most importantly, the Q Fever Register provides a lifetime record of your immune status. Should you be required to provide evidence of immunity to Q fever in the future (for example as a workplace health and safety requirement) you will be able to refer your employer or doctor to the Register where they will be able to confirm your status. This avoids un-necessary testing and vaccination of people who are already immune which carries significant risks.

How it works:

  • Students post their Q Fever Screening and Vaccination certificates to the Q Fever Register using their Personal Details and Consent Form.
  • The Australian Q Fever Register will issue students a plastic Q Fever Registration Card with a registration number on it.
  • Registered employers and doctors can look up your record using this registration number (but only if you give them the number).

Next Steps:

  1. If you have not been tested/vaccinated you need to see the University Health Service to undergo testing and vaccination (as indicated).
  2. Complete the Personal Details and Consent form to submit your details to the Register. Students who have evidence of prior immunity should still complete the Consent Form. The Consent Form and supporting document should be posted to the Register. If you need to expedite your registration you could fax to the Register before posting the Consent Form and supporting document.
  3. When you receive your Q Fever Registration Card, enter your Q Fever Registration number into the My Details page of the VVC. Entering your Q Fever Registration number authorizes the faculty to access your immunity record on the Register. Introduction to the Virtual Veterinary Campus.pdf will assist you in negotiating the My Details section of the VVC.

Deadlines for Submitting your Q Fever Registration Number

To meet our workplace health and safety obligations, Faculty will be conducting periodic checks on student immunity. Students who have not entered a valid Q Fever Registration Number onto their VVC record will be excluded from practical sessions and/or extramural rotations.

To ensure that you can participate fully in these activities, deadlines for submitting your Q Fever Registration Number to the VVC relate to when Animal Husbandry placements are organised. Animal Husbandry placements are organised prior to Abattoir, Preclinical and Clinical placements.

The deadlines are:

  • End of March if you wish to enter preferences for animal husbandry placements over the winter break.
  • End of August if you wish to enter preferences for animal husbandry placements over the summer break.