The Virtual Veterinary Campus (VVC)

When planning your EMS placements you will need to select properties or practices that you would like to attend. The Faculty has formed partnerships with a large number of properties (called Partner Sites) and practices (called Partners in Veterinary Education). These are listed on the Virtual Veterinary Campus (VVC) which is accessed through the faculty website. You will be able to review these sites when it is time to organise your placements. To attend any property or clinic students enter preferences through the VVC.

Placements are organised with both Partner sites and Practices and Non Partner Sites. When a placement is organised with a Non Partner sites it will be added to the VVC temporarily so that a preference may be entered.

The Virtual Veterinary Campus (VVC) is also used to manage your EMS records. It contains all the information relevant to placement selection and submission of required forms.

The VVC tracks the progression of each placement. Students should regularly check their records on the VVC, particularly around the time of preference allocation, and contact the Extramural Unit in the faculty office if they have any questions about their record as it appears on the VVC.

Completing My Details Page on VVC

Students are required to enter the following information into their VVC record. These are prerequisite for attending some workshops and organising placements.

  • personal contact details
  • next of kin details
  • emergency contacts
  • Q Fever Registration Number

Natural disasters such as disease outbreaks and floods occur occasionally while students are on placement. If a student is in an effected area the Extramural Administration Unit will need to be able to contact them to determine their whereabouts and welfare. Students are required to enter details of two Emergency Contacts. These Emergency Contacts are the only people who will be given information concerning a student's whereabouts and welfare. Entering Emergency Contacts on the My Details page of the VVC authorises the Extramural Administration Unit to give out this information.

Ensure that your Uni email is correct. It should be in the form

Introduction to the Virtual Veterinary Campus.pdf will assist you in negotiating the My Details section of the VVC.

Trouble Shooting

If you experience difficulties accessing the Virtual Veterinary Campus, or in entering preferences, or updating your My Details page, please email to the appropriate extramural email account with the Subject, "VVC Trouble".