Preparatory Clinical Placements

The Sydney School of Veterinary Science at The University of Sydney is committed to developing strong relationships with the veterinary profession to ensure we produce outstanding veterinarians. The Preparatory Clinical Placement Program for our students, prior to the final year student internship program, has been designed to expose students to the veterinary profession. Students will achieve learning outcomes by working with the nurses and technical support staff at the practice rather than the veterinary staff. Learning and building on basic skills in a professional environment. The aim is to better prepare students to work with veterinary staff in their final year placements. Students are encouraged to view this component of their education as a privilege and relationships with the profession are vital for continuous improvement of veterinary education.

Learning Outcomes

Preparatory clinical placements provide you with the opportunity to:

  1. Develop and demonstrate animal handling and other appropriate technical skills.
  2. Apply knowledge from pre-clinical and para-clinical units of study to common situations encountered in para-veterinary clinical practice.
  3. Expand their professional network.
  4. Demonstrate professional communication skills with veterinary practice staff and clients.
  5. Demonstrate compassion, respect, and empathy for people and animals.

Placement Program

Preparatory clinical placements are completed after pre-clinical animal husbandry placements and are undertaken at Partners in Veterinary Education sites involved in the Education Support Practice Program (ESPs). Students complete this placement program in two phases prior to their Veterinary Student Students Program in final year:

  1. Two week placement - regional experience
  2. Two week placement - elective experience

Attendance During Placements

Students will experience areas of veterinary practice as an honorary employee and they are encouraged to make the most of this opportunity. Each student placement is regarded as a practical class and 100% attendance is required.

Students are required to attend each placement for a minimum of 10 days within the 14 day rotation period. This 10 day requirement must not be completed consecutively; students must have a minimum of 1 day off per week. Each day’s work is considered to be a minimum of eight hours.

Placement Process

Students view details about Partners in Veterinary Education sites via our online database, students will apply to attend a site either by entering a preference or direct application with a letter of intent and Curriculum Vitae if the Partner Site indicates that this is the preferred method of application. Students must research the locality and cost involvement in travelling to, staying in the town/suburb for each site they are interested in attending.

Placement Allocation

You can view details about all Partner in Veterinary Education sites by logging onto the Virtual Veterinary Campus and selecting Veterinary Practices Database.

Once you have reviewed the information about Preparatory Clinical placement options for either Regional Experience, or Elective Experience on the Virtual Veterinary Campus you will be asked to either apply directly to a site and then enter a preference to be allocation to the site, that agreed to host you or to enter preferences to be allocated to a site which prefers Faculty to allocate students via its Random Allocation Ballot System process. Student preferences are allocated by random ballot, except in the case where a site requires a direct application, in this case the student will have their preference to attend that specific site allocated upon written confirmation from the site they will host the student. Details of allocated sites for each placement requirement can be reviewed via the Virtual Veterinary Campus.

Placement Confirmation

Students must ensure that they have appropriately researched where a site is, how much it will cost them to attend the site, including travel, living and accommodation expenses, before they enter any preference or contact a site requesting to attend. This program is highly dependent upon the Faculty maintaining excellent relationships with our Educational Partners in the profession. Once a placement has been allocated and confirmed it can only be changed by the student with an approved Application for Special Consideration. Special Consideration Applications are only approved for reasons of illness or misadventure. Reasons for not fully understanding the locality or cost of attendance are not acceptable reasons for a Special Consideration Application to be approved.