Preparatory Clinical Placements

Veterinary school accreditation bodies, educational institutions and the profession all believe that work integrated learning opportunities are a vital component in preparing graduates for veterinary clinical practice. Accreditation of veterinary qualifications within Australasia and the United Kingdom requires our Faculty to provide all students with approximately six weeks of preparatory clinical placements.

Our faculty is committed to developing strong relationships with the veterinary profession and animal health industries to ensure continuous improvement of our veterinary curriculum. This relationship enables us to provide you with valuable learning opportunities in many areas of veterinary practice including companion, equine, livestock, exotic and wildlife species areas as well as general practice specialist practice, government and industry careers. These partnerships between the Faculty and the profession are vital to our mission of producing outstanding veterinarians.

Learning Outcomes

Preparatory clinical placements provide you with the opportunity to:

  1. Demonstrate your animal handling and other technical skills
  2. Apply knowledge from pre-clinical and para-clinical units of study to veterinary clinical practice
  3. Expand your professional network
  4. Demonstrate professional communication skills with veterinary practice staff and clients
  5. Predict the requirements for becoming an outstanding veterinarian

Placement Process

Preparatory clinical placements are offered by veterinary practices who are our Partners in Veterinary Education. These sites also host students in their final year rotations.

Preparatory clinical placements are completed after pre-clinical or animal husbandry placements and prior to the commencement of your clinical placement program (Veterinary Student Intern Placement Program) in the final year. You are required to complete this preparatory clinical placement program in two phases:

  1. Two weeks at a rural mixed veterinary practice placement
  2. Two weeks at an elective placement

Rural mixed veterinary practice placements in the first phase are to be completed at our Partner in Veterinary Education sites within Australia and these placements will be arranged by the faculty for you.

Elective placements are to be completed at our Partner in Veterinary Education sites either within Australia or overseas.

Placement Allocation

You can view details about all Partner in Veterinary Education sites by logging onto the VVC and selecting Veterinary Practices.
Once you have reviewed the information about Preparatory Clinical placement options for either Rural Mixed Practice (RMP) or Elective Preparatory Clinical placement on the VVC you will be asked to enter placement preferences. Students enter preferences using the the ‘Prep Clinical RMP Preferences’ or the ‘Prep Clinical Elective Preferences’ link on the VVC. Student preferences are allocated by random ballot. Details of allocated practices may be reviewed using the ‘My Prep Clinical RMP Practice’ or the ‘My Prep Clinical Elective Practice’ link on the VVC. There will be some time given to arranging a swap of allocations between students prior to the final scheduling of Preparatory Clinical placements.

Placement Confirmation

Once the swap deadline has passed student placements will be confirmed. This program is highly dependent upon the Faculty maintaining excellent relationships with our Educational Partners in the profession. Once a placement has been confirmed it can only be changed with the approved Application for Special Consideration. Special Consideration Applications are only approved for reasons of illness or misadventure.