Placement Timeline

This placement timeline has been developed to assist you in making the most from your Preparatory Clinical placements.

1. Prior to commencing your placement you should:
  • Review the information on your Partner in Veterinary Education sites on the VVC to make yourself familiar with the site
  • Review the learning outcomes for this program and review your lecture materials and prior skills to determine your aims for this placement
  • Review the Supervisor Report and required Administration forms for the placement and due dates for submission
  • Contact the site by telephone one week prior to your first day to introduce yourself, confirm the date and time of your arrival and dress requirements
  • Plan your travel and accommodation requirements to ensure you arrive at the site on time
2. At the start of your placement you should:
  • Negotiate a time to meet with your allocated supervisor to discuss your supervisor’s expectations and your aims for the placement
  • Discuss any potential WHS issues with your supervisor, documented emergency procedures and practice protocols
  • Devote most of your time to establishing rapport with practice staff through commitment and enthusiasm
  • Complete your Site Contract
3. At the end of your first week you should:
  • Reflect on your performance in relation to the Supervisor Report Form categories and your intended learning outcomes and aims for this placement
  • Seek feedback where possible from your allocated supervisor and other staff
  • Plan how you will use your reflections and this feedback to make the most of the remaining week at your placement
  • Negotiate your communication task with your supervisor and a day and time for completion of this task during your second week
4. At the end of your second week you should:
  • Negotiate a time to meet with your allocated supervisor to discuss your supervisor’s feedback on your overall performance and your feedback on this placement
  • Offer to assist your supervisor if he or she is not sure about how to submit your Supervisor Report Form
  • Reflect on your performance during this placement, achievement of your intended learning outcomes and completion of your communication task
  • Complete required Administration forms via the VVC
  • Ensure you thank all staff for assisting your education

Illness and Misadventure

It is vital that you telephone your Preparatory Clinical practice supervisor as soon as possible if you are going to be late or if you become ill and cannot attend. If the supervisor is unavailable leave a message with the receptionist and ask the receptionist to inform your supervisor and other staff at the practice. You also need to contact the Extramural Administration Unit in the Faculty Office by telephone (02 9036 5110) or by email to vetscience.

You must report any injury or accident as instructed under the section on Work Health and Safety.