5th Year Intern Program

Honours Program Overview

Honours First Class and Honours Second Class may be awarded at graduation to student who are eligable to apply for honours. To be eligable students require a WAM=> 70.

Students who are eligable to pursue honours may enrol in the honours unit of study instead of the two standard elective rotations offered in final year.

This unit of study provides students who have attained a suitable WAM based upon academic achievements in years 1-4 with the opportunity to develop greater proficiency in research within a veterinary related discipline.

Units of Study

The Honours Elective unit of study extends over two (one month) rotations in Year 5. The two rotations may be completed as a block or separately with the only timetabling requirement being the completion of the second honours elective rotation by the end of rotation ten of the final year rotation schedule.

Students who believe they may be eligible for honours and wish to complete honours elective rotations in Year 5 must submit an Honours Application Form to the Unit of Study Co-ordinator together with a Draft Research Proposal in the format provided below. The Application Form and Draft Research Proposal must be submitted in the first week after the intra-semester break in first semester, Year 4. These proposals and honours elective unit of study placements will need to be approved by the Honours Committee.

All honours projects require two Supervisors to be approved by the Honours Committee.

To review the Unit of Study Guide VETS5400 (2016)

To review a Gantt chart outlining the timeline of the unit of study

To review the Honours Research Student Attributes - Magnificent Seven

To review the Honours Research Supervisors Report


To download an Honours Application Form for personal use.

Application Process

Aplications should be send to the SubDean Undergraduate Research .