5th Year Intern Program

Non-Database Site Nomination Procedures

Students may nominate non-database sites for Electives and Rural Public Practice rotations only. You can undertake you Rural Public Practice Rotation with International Government bodies performing the same functions as the NSW Livestock Health & Pest Authority (previously Rural Lands Protection Boards), Australian Quarantine Services or NSW Department of Primary Industries.

Students considering undertaking an Extramural Placement at non-database practices/sites are to adhere to the following procedures and guidelines to seek Faculty approval.

Students are to ensure that the site/practice they are interested in approaching is not on the Faculty’s Veterinary Practices Database, before making any approach to the said site/practice. Any uncertainties as to the site/practice being listed on the database should be checked with the Coordinator, Extramural Placements in the Faculty Office.

Students are not to contact database listed practices/sites and principals with regards to undertaking placements with them without written approval from Faculty. Faculty has/will contact all database sites/practice about their availability for the V.S.I.P. you will be enrolled in, and sites respond directly to Faculty on their availability. It is unacceptable and poor manners for individuals to attempt to override this process.

If you are considering nominating a non-database site, for an Extramural Placement (Elective or Rural Public Practice), you will be required to complete and hand in to the Coordinator Extramural Placements a signed copy of a Principal's Agreement Form and a completed Site Profile Survey. These two forms are to be submitted by the start of first round preference entering for the unit of study the student is applying to attend a non database site for. See 'Placement Organisation' for dates.

Students wishing to attend a non database site should first email the Co-ordinator Extramural Placements with the name of the site and it's address to determine if the site has previously been approved by faculty as a non database site or not. If the site has been approved previously as a non database site, the site may not be required to complete a Site Profile Survey depending upon when the site last completed one.

Students approaching a non database site are to provided the site with the below Principals Agreement Form, Profile Survey and the appropriate unit of study information summary.

Extramural Site Profile Form - Veterinary practice or organisation

Extramural Site Profile Form - Public Practice (government departments, labs, etc.)

Extramural Site Principal Agreement Form

2013 Public Practice Summary Information Sheet

Students should take into account the following when considering non-database sites/practices:

The major consideration when investigating an Extramural Studies site should be your educational opportunities. You should evaluate if the opportunities at a non-database site are equal or superior to those available at database sites.

Sites being considered must operate a full working week and should not be a part time business.

The species treated
The volume of work / seasonality
The standard of Veterinary Medicine practised and the attitude to continuing education
Is it likely to be a student friendly site
The number of veterinary personnel, (a minimum of two full time vets is preferable)
Site facilities
Peer advice

When considering undertaking externships with other universities or institutions, two week externships cannot be lotted together as an elective unit of study. All two week externships can be undertaken as Additional Electives only.

All externships must fall within standard rotation dates to be accepted for VETS5350 Elective 1 or VETS5351 Elective 2.

You should discuss your needs and the program with the Principal. You should provide the Principal with a copy of the unit of study summary information sheet for the appropriate unit of study.

After the principal has reviewed this information and if they are willing to host you for a specified rotation, then you should have the principal complete;

1/ Extramural Site Profile Form
2/ Extramural Site Principal Agreement Form

You should advise the principal that the Faculty will contact them if the placement is considered suitable for you as a student intern.

The originals of the above forms are to be returned to the Coordinator Extramural Placements in the Faculty Office. You are to retain a copy, which you will be required to enter on-line when entering preferences. The Profile Survey and Principals Agreement forms are to be handed in at the same time.

Faculty will then examine your proposal and if it is considered suitable, will contact the Principal for confirmation of their agreement to host you and participate in the Faculty's Extramural Program. If a practice/site agrees to host you, this does not make this practice/site available in the Faculty’s Veterinary Practices Database for other students to attend. The practice/site, must request that they become available to future students to attend, through this database.

Any enquiries with regards to non-database site nominations are to be sent to clinicalstudies@vetsci.usyd.edu.au with the subject title: Non-Database Site Nominations Enquiry.