5th Year Veterinary Student Intern Program

Unit of Study Site Preference Entering

Information Sessions

  1. An information session is held early in second semester of 3rd year providing an overview of the Veterinary Student Internship Program and details on entering preferences for a group schedule.
  2. The Preparation for Veterinary Practice Conference (part 1) is held annually within the first six weeks of semester one of 4th Year.
    Part of this conference includes advice on how to nominate units of study for a Rotation Schedule, how to review site availability and how to enter preferences. Also covered is the timeline for arranging placements and what you need to know before making any arrangements.

Unit of Study Rotation Nominations

1. Unit of study rotation nominations are required to be entered by no later than midnight, at the end of the Preparation for Veterinary Practice Conference in first semester each year.
2. Unit of study rotation nominations are to be entered on-line via the Virtual Veterinary Campus.
3. Unit of study rotation nominations must be entered before preference entering can take place.
4. You can change when a unit of study is nominated to be undertaken as long as you have not been allocated to a site to attend for that unit of study or in the rotation you wish to move it to.
5. Once a placement has been requested or confirmed either by Faculty or via a direct application no changes to the placement can be made.

Timeline of Placement Organisation In Summary

Unit of study Nominations:

To be submitted by: midnight the second day of the Preparation for Veterinary Practice conference in semester one.

Preferences for sites will be conducted in three rounds of preference. Preferences maybe entered for all units of study in each round and it is recommend that you enter preferences for every unit of study you are not allocated to a site for, in each round of preferences, until you are allocated to a site.

It is recommended that if you are not applying to a direct application site, that you have a listing of ten sites you would be happy to attend for the unit of study which you can enter preferences for. Note that you can change your rotation schedule prior to each preference entering period if needed.

First round preference entering will close on: the first Monday of April.
Second round of preference entering will close on: the first Monday of May
Third round of preference entering will close on: the first Monday of June

You will know prior to second round and third round preference closing dates if you have been allocated to a site or not, for the previous preference entering period.

Sites will be contact by Faculty to confirm all allocation, including direct application sites, on third Monday of June.

It is anticipated that all students will have all extramural unit of study placements arranged and confirmed and listed as confirmed on the Virtual Veterinary Campus by August.

Non Partner Sites

Students wishing to attend a non partner site for either:
VETS5360 Elective Rotation - 1 or
VETS5361 Elective Rotation – 2
VETS5362 Public Health

Must have submitted a Principals Agreement Form and a Site Profile Survey to the Co-ordinator Extramural Placements by the close of second round of preference entering at the latest for any non-partner site they wish to attend.

Students will be notified by email that the system has been set up for them to enter their preference a preference for the applied for non-partner site. The student will be required to enter a preference to attend the site prior to the close of third round preference entering.

Applications will not be accepted after this time for non partner sites.

Accepting Allocations

Students are not required to confirm their allocation, if they wish to accept it. Students may cancel an allocation after first or second round of prefernece entering only, if being allocated via the ballot system. No cancelations will be accepted at the end of round 3 and it is anticipated that all students will have a site allocated for each unit of study at this time.

If a student wishes to cancel an allocation will need to email vetscience.clinicalstudies@sydney.edu.au by 8 am the day indicated in an email after allocations are finalised for rounds 1 and 2. The following information must be included in your email: Full name, SID, Rotation and Site allocated to. Use one if the following Subject lines:

“RPP Cancel Allocation Please”
“RMP Cancel Allocation Please”
“SAP Cancel Allocation Please”
“E1 Cancel Allocation Please”
“E2 Cancel Allocation Please”

Cancelling Allocations

If no cancellation advice is received by the indicated time the placement will be locked in for that allocation and no changes will be made.

Students cancelling allocations will be able to enter preferences for the next available round of prefernece entering for the unit of study, see above time line.