5th Year Veterinary Student Intern Program Requirements

Entry Requirements

Students must meet the following requirements to be eligible to commence the 5th Year Veterinary Student Intern Program (VSIP):

1. Have completed successfully all units of study between years 1 to 4.
2. Have read the Faculty’s “Occupational Health and Safety Disclosure Policy” and completed and submitted during 4th year an “Enrolment Disclosure Form” to the Faculty.
3. Have purchased through the Faculty’s VSIP Radiation Monitoring Program, a radiation monitor for a 12 month period. The cost of a 12 Month monitoring service, including postage to and from the student to the monitoring service.
4. Have purchased a minimum of two Faculty VSIP protective coat tops.
5. Have purchased a Faculty VSIP Name badge.
6. Have had their photo taken and signed an Authority Agreement Form.
7. Have purchased an Intramural Rotations & Extramural Rotations Handbook & CD.

It is recommended that students commencing the 5th Year VSIP have the following; however, it is not a requirement:

1. A mobile phone.
2. A lap top computer
3. Your own transport

2014 Requirements


1. VSIP Name Badge: $5.00
2. VSIP Radiation Monitoring 12 Months: $80.00
3. VSIP Handbooks and CD: $40.00
Above purchases are to be paid for by Monday 31st May either at the Faculty Office Camden - Shute Reception with Peta or Marie or at the Faculty Office Sydney - with either Colleen or Melanie

4. VSIP protective coat tops: $28.95 each.
Are to be bought via the Faculty's On-line Store. A copy of your invoice is to be emailed to shute.reception@usyd.edu.au