5th Year Intern Program

Practice Selection Considerations & Final Year Budgeting

Students should take into account the following when considering practices to attend:

1. Location of the practice

2. Transportation

a. How you will get to the practice.
b. Do you require a car to travel to the location or can you get there by public transport.
c. Will it be necessary for you to have a car when you are at the practice? Will you be travelling between branch practices?
d. You will be required to attend a placement once you have requested it. It will be an unacceptable reason for cancellation if you have not considered transportation and its costs.

3. Accommodation

a. Consider your accommodation expenses for the whole year.

b. Students should budget and expect to pay for accommodation, for Rural Public Practice and Rural Mixed Practice 2, units of study, which will be undertaken outside of the Sydney metropolitan area. This may also include any other rotation undertaken outside the Sydney metropolitan area.

c. If a practice indicates that they can provide accommodation, this does not mean that accommodation will be available during your rotation with them. This also goes for plans to stay with friends and family members as their circumstances may change or they might move etc. This means you will need to be able to cover the cost of accommodation whilst at any Rural Mixed Practice and Rural Public Practice placement.

d. You will be required to attend a placement once you have requested it. It will be an unacceptable reason for cancellation if you have not planned for accommodation costs.

4. Budgeting Considerations

Students should consider the entire final year when selecting practices. Also, to be taken into consideration, are the following:

a. The locality of each practice and the cost of transport to the said practice

b. Accommodation when at the practice and the cost of double renting if you are holding a lease in Sydney and attending a practice outside of Sydney

c. Cost of food whilst not living at home etc.

Students should consider all possible expenses prior to entering preferences for selection of placements. It is important to ensure that it is financially viable for you to undertake all of your learning objectives and avail yourself of opportunities as presented.

5. Paid Work Commitments

Students should be aware of the difficulties in maintaining paid work whilst on rotation. Students are required to work the roster of their supervisor at the practice, which is determined by the practice and may entail working on weekends and doing ICU shifts over night. This will have a major impact on your financial situation during year 5. Note that it is not possible for you to work at all, during Rural Public Practice and Rural Mixed Practice 2 units of study. At all other placements including University Veterinary Centres Sydney & Camden you will be required to undertake some night shifts and or weekend work.