Pre-requisite requirements for Graduate Entry DVM

Applicants must have successfully completed one semester of study in general chemistry (physical and inorganic), organic chemistry, biology and biochemistry at bachelor's degree level to be eligible for entry. University of Sydney units of study that meet the pre-requisite requirements are provided as examples of the content that all applicants are assumed to have prior knowledge of. Students seeking advice on eligibility of units should make an assessment based on the information for the University of Sydney units provided. Please note that the School cannot assess pre-requisites prior to application.

DVM Pre-requisite requirement University of Sydney Unit that meets this requirement
General chemistry (physical and inorganic) CHEM1111 Chemistry 1A or CHEM1911 Chemistry 1A (Advanced)
Organic chemistry

CHEM1112 Chemistry 1B or CHEM1912 Chemistry 1B(Advanced)

Biology BIOL1006 and/or BIOL1007
Biochemistry VETS1032 Animal Energetics and Homeostasis or BCMB2001 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology or BCMB2002 Proteins in Cells
What is "one semester" of study?

You must have completed the equivalent of a standard, semester-long unit of study at the University of Sydney i.e. 6 credit points. A full time load for one year at the University of Sydney is 48 credit points. Therefore a 6 credit point unit of study at the University of Sydney is equivalent to 1/8 or 12.5% of a standard full time load for one year (0.125 EFTSL).

What documentation about pre-requisites is required?

As part of your application, you must submit an official academic transcript and a detailed outline for each of the units of study you have completed in fulfilment of the pre-requisite requirements. This documentation must be submitted with your online application or your application will not be assessed.

The unit of study outlines should come from an official publication of the Provider University, such as the Faculty Handbook. The outline and transcript together must demonstrate that each unit you have completed in fulfilment of the pre-requisites is equivalent to 6 credit points at the University of Sydney and in the correct subject area i.e. 6 credit points of biology, 6 credit points of general chemistry, 6 credit points of organic chemistry and 6 credit points of biochemistry.

The outline must provide sufficient information for the School admission panel to determine whether you have covered the essential pre-requisite material. In general, a one paragraph unit of study overview will not be sufficient.

What units of study will be accepted as pre-requisites?

The School will consider as pre-requisites any bachelor degree level units of study, provided the documentation submitted demonstrates that each unit/s is in the required subject area and is equivalent to 6 credit points at the University of Sydney. It is the student’s responsibility to identify and rectify any specific gaps in knowledge or understanding.

Students should note that there need not be a one-to-one correlation between units previously completed and the pre-requisite subject. For example, two smaller units of biochemistry that together are equivalent to the 6 credit point pre-requisite will be considered.

What if I have a completed Bachelor’s degree but I haven’t completed all of the pre-requisite units?

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