Controlled Environment Building

Controlled Environment Rooms

This housing facility comprises of 10 x (4x3 metre) rooms, each with independent control of temperature and lighting. The rooms can be set-up with cages or as floor pens for deep litter experiments. Presently 2 rooms house commercial incubators (1 x large 2000 egg and 1 x small 300 egg) for investigating the effects of incubation conditions on hatchability etc.

Total capacity = 24 cages per room (6 birds per cage) or a maximum of 120 birds in floor pens (configured as 1, 2 or 4 pens per room as required); 1440 birds

Controlled Environment Rooms Controlled Environment Room

  • Nutritional evaluation of feed ingredients and feed additives
  • Feed intake, weight gain and feed conversion ratio
  • Immunological and physiological assessment of diet ingredients and additives
  • Disease challenge and vaccination efficacy studies
  • Evaluation of diet quality and feed processing effects
  • Effect of heat and light on performance, digestibility etc.