Feed Milling & Pelleting Facility

Feed Shed

This facility is a fully automated micro-mill for feed manufacturing. The feed shed houses a range of equipment used to process and pellet feed ingredients for use in our experiments.

- Milling: Cracker and hammer mill

- Batching: Micro ingredient and macro ingredient accurate batching facility

- Mixing: 300kg horizontal paddle mixer and 1500kg vertical screw mixer

- Pelleting: 65-110ºC conditioning temperatures, variable steam pressure, conditioner residence time variable from 7-30 seconds. Cold pelleting options.

- Cooler and fines extraction

Feed Mill Conditioner
Conditioner Conditioner
Cracker Paddle Mixer
Steam Valve Bags of feed

  • Effect of particle size and manufacturing conditions e.g. temperature, on feed quality
  • Recovery of heat labile micro ingredients for QA/QC and regulatory purposes
  • Manufacturing of experimental feed (mash or pellets) as required
  • Minimum batch size for pelleting: 50-70kg
  • Maximum pelleting rate: 1 Tonne/hr