High-Rise Layer Shed

High-Rise Layer Shed

This large, high-rise, climate controlled house comprises of 6 banks of layer cages, each bank containing 2 rows of 80 single cages and 1 row of 40 group cages. Attached to the back of the building are 2 x 8 Tonne feed silos, and there is also a large cool room inside for storing the collected eggs.

Total capacity = 960 individual cages + 240 group (5 bird) cages; 2160 laying hens

Layer Cages Layers in Cages

  • Full cycle performance experiments (6-9 month or longer)
  • Digestibility assessment (feed ingredients or additives)
  • Egg production
  • Egg quality (shell thickness, albumin height, yolk colour etc)
  • Behaviour and welfare studies