Current Research Projects

Long-term Research Projects (12-36 months)

  1. Effect of hydrothermal treatment on the nutritional value of sorghum for broilers (RIRDC funded; CI
    A/Prof. Peter Selle), with extension granted to explore in vitro pepsin digestibility.
  2. Effect of incubation temperature on leg health in broilers (RIRDC funded; CI Dr. Peter Groves)
  3. Effect of sodium bisulphite on the nutritional value of sorghum (RIRDC funded; CI Peter Selle)
  4. Calcium-specific appetite in layers (AECL funded; CI Cormac O'Shea)
  5. Extension of the Geometric Framework to broiler nutrition: the influence of macronutrients on broiler performance (commercially funded post-doc; CI Dr. Sonia Liu)
  6. The factors influencing sorghum starch digestibility in broiler chickens (RIRDC funded; CI Peter Selle)
  7. Whole grain feeding in chicken meat production (RIRDC funded; CI Peter Selle and Sonia Liu)
  8. Effects of rearing in free range laying hens that predispose feather pecking (AECL funded; CI Dr. Greg Cronin)
  9. Proteomic measures of albumen degradation as indicators of egg freshness (Poultry CRC funded; CI Jeff Downing)
  10. Electrolyte supplementation of broilers prior to transport (RIRDC funded; CI Jeff Downing)

Short-term Research Projects (6-12 months)

  1. The Influence of feeding regime on digestive dynamics in broiler chickens (Science Innovation Award; CI Sonia Liu)
  2. Determination of grain AME for NIR calibrations (Poultry CRC funded; CI Jeff Downing)
  3. A fresh look at selenium; can we use it to starve Salmonella of growth during infective stage in broilers? (Marie Bashir Institute; CI Cormac O’Shea)

Postgraduate Student Projects

  1. Tugrul Durali: Understanding the performance gap between free-range and conventional poultry production.
  2. 2012: Bioefficacy of phytase and acid phosphatase in broiler nutrition.