Postgraduate Fees


Tuition Fees

Research higher degrees have no tuition fees for Australian residents/citizens.

Fees do apply, however, if you are an international student. These may be covered by a scholarship in addition to receiving a stipend for living costs - you must check with the scholarship provider. See International Office website for more details.

Program Mode Duration in Years* Intake International Fee for 2013 ($AUD) Local Fee for 2013 ($AUD) HECS
Doctor of Philosophy in Veterinary Science Research & Thesis 4 MJ $37,200 n/a HECS Exempt
Master of Veterinary Science Research & Thesis 2 MJ


n/a HECS Exempt
Master of Science in Veterinary Science Research & Thesis 2 MJ


n/a HECS Exempt
Coursework Masters degrees such as Master in Veterinary Public Health, or Veterinary Public health Management, Master in Animal Science, Master in Animal Breeding Management, Master in Veterinary Studies and master in Wildlife Health and Population Management. Research & Thesis 1 but most students take these courses part-time. MJ


$32640 - $37,440 Depending on your location when doing the course


n/a HECS Exempt

M=March (semester 1); J= July (semester 2) 

< p> * Indicates expected normal duration

Please note: the fee is an annual fee and will increase each year.


Unit of Study Fees

All postgraduate coursework programs offered by the Faculty of Veterinary Science are fee-paying courses. The University’s tuition fees are reviewed annually and may be varied during the period of study. The exact tuition fee for your course will depend upon the number of credit points in which you enrol each semester.

Unit of Study Fees for 2013
The 2013 Unit of Study (UoS) fees per credit point (cp) are listed below. Please note that all postgraduate coursework fees are reviewed annually and that all fees are in Australian dollars.


Type of Student

Fee per cp 

Fee per 3 cp

Fee per 6 cp

Local Student*

A$615 A$1,845 A$3,690

International Offshore Student^

A$680 A$2,040 A$4,080
International Onshore Student^^ A$780 A$2,340 A$4,680

* Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and New Zealand citizens are considered to be local students. All others are considered to be international students, including permanent residents of New Zealand.
Note: Australian citizens are eligible to defer their fees via FEE-HELP - for details of the FEE-HELP scheme see the FEE-HELP section on the Study Assist website.

^ International Offshore student rates are only applicable to study in the Veterinary Public Health (VPH), Veterinary Public Health Management (VPHMgt) and Animal Breeding Management (ABMgt) programs.

^^ International Onshore student rates are only applicable to study in the Animal Science, Veterinary Studies and Wildlife Health and Population Management programs on campus and students who apply for these programs may choose to enrol in one or more units of study offered in the VPH, VPHMgt or ABMgt programs as electives only.