Elizabeth Ngo

Current Student Elizabeth Ngo

Elizabeth Ngo has always been interested in science and enjoyed being around animals, so she decided to combine the two by choosing to study in the Bachelor of Veterinary Science.

"It was not until late secondary school that I thought, 'Why not both?' I enjoy the challenging and diverse nature of the degree - considering that vets act as the physician, surgeon, anaesthetist, dentist, pharmacist and more, for all kinds of species," said Elizabeth.

Coming from Victoria, Elizabeth decided to make the move to NSW to study at the University of Sydney, as she had read and heard about the excellent veterinary science offering.

"While moving interstate meant having to step out of my comfort zone, it also meant the privilege of attending one of Australia's most prestigious universities and being a part of the highly regarded vet science program here."

Having finished her first year with excellent results, Elizabeth received the University of Sydney Academic Merit Prize and was placed on the Dean's List of Excellence in Academic Performance.

"At this stage of my degree, I'm still deciding which areas of veterinary science interest me most, however I do harbour an appreciation for surgical and technological innovations that are relatively well-known in human medicine but less so in the veterinary context, such as prosthetics and organ transplants," said Elizabeth.

"After graduating, I would like to work with wildlife and conservation, although I can also see myself as a small animal vet. For the moment I'd like to keep my options open."