Emily Ainsworth

Current Student Emily Ainsworth

A high achieving student who is fascinated by science, Emily Ainsworth had considered studying veterinary science when she was in high school along with the plethora of other science degrees on offer. Following a year studying science, Emily swapped to the Bachelor of Veterinary Science after speaking to staff and students in the Sydney School of Veterinary Science and realising that’s where her real passion lay.

“I love the practicality of the Veterinary Science degree – how you can directly apply the science of it as you learn. I also love how hands-on the degree can be, in terms of the practicals for Anatomy and Physiology, and the animal handling classes at the University's Camden farms,” said Emily.

“I chose to study at the University of Sydney for a variety of reasons. I felt that Sydney offered access to some of the best researchers and research facilities out of all the Australian universities – this is obviously beneficial to anyone studying a degree in any of the sciences.”

Coming from Dubbo, Emily was also attracted by the University of Sydney’s vibrant student life, including the colleges, clubs and societies, and events at places such as Manning Bar. Plus the history and sheer beauty of the campus helped her decide to study at the University of Sydney.

“At this stage of my degree – just starting second year – I find all aspects of veterinary science fascinating. So far, the science behind all the different areas has kept me interested in everything, but I am sure, as I continue through the degree and am exposed to a greater variety of fields in which veterinary science is involved, I will hone my interests in those areas,” said Emily.

“I am keeping myself open to any possible career path – I feel like there are so many fields that it is possible to get involved in with a degree in veterinary science that I don't want to limit the possibilities by focusing on only one option. However at the moment I am thinking of definitely practicing as a vet in a clinic for a few years and then potentially going into another field such as research or work